Learn English in Boston

BostonStudy English in Boston and take English language courses in one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city of Boston lies on the east coast of the United States in the state of Massachusetts and is often considered to be the most European city in the U.S.. Discover Boston during the course of an English language trip in one of the most renowned language schools and get to know not only a great city, but also the English language in ‘real-life’ scenarios. Our English language school in Boston is located centrally in the area of the city known as Back Bay and offers you an unforgettable language holiday experience. From here you can easily reach many of the most beautiful landmarks in the area. Boston has many attractive city areas, in which American culture and history can be experienced first hand.

Students are never bored after the English classes as many exciting free time possibilities await you.

Choose to study English in Boston and learn not only the English language, but also get to know what is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Popular destinations for visitors of this city are, among others, the Freedom Trail, a four kilometer trail, where you can walk in the footsteps of the American Independence Movement, the Museum of Fine Arts with works of art dating from ancient times to current times and the New England Aquarium, which lies directly on the sea and in which you can see many fascinating marine creatures. Due to the numerous universities in the city and its surrounding areas - well known names include Harvard and MIT, among others - Boston has a very large number of young residents who keep the city young, modern and lively. 

An English language holiday in Boston is not just a trip to improve your English skills, but also an experience that you will remember for a long time. Learn English at our language school in Boston and you will look back on it with a smile!

Our School Location

Our school is located in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Boston. Here you can spend the day enjoying top shopping and fine cuisine. There are many famous sights within walking distance including the “Freedom Trail.” When the weather isn’t so good or if you’d like to go on an adventure, the public transportation system will take you all over the Boston area. The closest stop to the language school is State Street Station, which will give you easy access to the city.

School Facilities

Our language school in Boston is situated in the area known as Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Some of the most memorable speeches from the revolutionary era were held here, which gives the local architecture a dignified ambience. Today, the Marketplace has become a popular meeting point in downtown Boston with all its shops, cafés, restaurants and famous sights.

The State Street subway station enables convenient public transport accessibility for our students.

The school offers modern facilities in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Teachers and students can make use of 26 comfortable classrooms as well as free internet access (including Wi-Fi) and up-to-date learning materials. In the cosy communal room, language students can mingle and study together. For those who prefer more peace and quiet, the library offers plenty of material for self-study. Digital learning is possible in the computer room, where computer-assisted learning and language exams are available.

The dedicated staff and teachers of our language school in Boston see to it that all students receive the appropriate support during their stay in the USA. You will not only be provided with excellent teaching, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to participate in excursions to the surrounding New England area. The balance between class and leisure time will always be kept, enabling you to have an amazing travel experience in addition to your improved English skills.

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School Accreditation

The Boston Language school is known for its high academic standards, which is evident from its many official certifications.

An important accreditation for our language school comes from the ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training). This organisation concerns itself with the endorsement of institutions in the field of education. ACCET is known for promoting “A Partnership of Quality” and received recognition from the U.S. Department of Education in 1978. ACCET is also ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified.   

Our school enjoys being a member of the AAIEP (American Association of Intensive English Programs). This organisation is committed to ethical and professional standards for intensive English programs and guarantees the quality of their members.

Our language school also shows its high level of quality by being an official TOEFL iBT Testing Center.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in Boston, USA offers a wide range of different English courses which allows all prospective students to find the right course for their individual learning goals. Take your first steps in the English language to learn or improve your knowledge in a learning group where students from all over the world study with you. Private lessons are also available.

You will study together with a teacher who caters exclusively to your needs and goals for an intensive and productive learning experience. You can also choose specific English courses in Business English, exam preparation courses or a full academic year. 

In group courses, there is an average of 12 students per group but a maximum of 15. The minimum age for participation in language courses at our language school in Boston is 16. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. Before the English courses begin, students take a placement test on their first day so their language proficiency can be properly determined and they can be assigned to appropriate learning groups. The cost of the placement test is included in the course price, as well as all other course materials.

All English courses in Boston put great emphasis on an active teaching style. This allows students to enjoy their language learning, keeps all participants motivated for a long time and helps everyone better remember what they have learned. Besides the coursebook, videos and CDs are used in class to support the listening and comprehension of spoken language and pronunciation.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie Sprachreise All course prices include: The course as described, a placement test and course certificate, course book, welcome pack, activity program, free Internet (also WLAN), library.

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo.. 2 Wo.. 3 Wo.. 4 Wo.. 5 Wo.. 6 Wo.. 7 Wo.. 8 Wo.. 9 Wo.. 10 Wo.. 11 Wo.. 12 Wo.. 13 Wo.. 14 Wo.. 15 Wo.. 16 Wo.. 17 Wo.. 18 Wo.. 19 Wo.. 20 Wo.. Extrawo.. >>
Standard English Course (20 lessons/week) 377 € 754 € 1132 € 1509 € 1886 € 2263 € 2640 € 3018 € 3395 € 3772 € 4149 € 4306 € 4664 € 5023 € 5382 € 5741 € 6100 € 6458 € 6817 € 7176 € 359 €
Semi Intensive English Course (24 lessons/week) 423 € 846 € 1270 € 1693 € 2116 € 2539 € 2962 € 3386 € 3809 € 4232 € 4655 € 4582 € 4963 € 5345 € 5727 € 6109 € 6491 € 6872 € 7254 € 7636 € 382 €
Intensive English Course (30 lessons/week) 483 € 966 € 1449 € 1932 € 2415 € 2898 € 3381 € 3864 € 4347 € 4830 € 5313 € 5354 € 5801 € 6247 € 6693 € 7139 € 7585 € 8032 € 8478 € 8924 € 446 €
Business English Course (24 lessons/week) 423 € 846 € 1270 € 1693 € 2116 € 2539 € 2962 € 3386 € 3809 € 4232 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Academic Year Programme (24 lessons/week) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Academic Year Programme (30 lessons/week) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Private English Course (20 lessons/week) 1564 € 3128 € 4692 € 6256 € 7820 € 9384 € 10948 € 12512 € 14076 € 15640 € 17204 € 18768 € 20332 € 21896 € 23460 € 25024 € 26588 € 28152 € 29716 € 31280 € 1564 €
Private English Course (30 lessons/week) 2070 € 4140 € 6210 € 8280 € 10350 € 12420 € 14490 € 16560 € 18630 € 20700 € 22770 € 24840 € 26910 € 28980 € 31050 € 33120 € 35190 € 37260 € 39330 € 41400 € 2070 €
Additional Private Tuition (5 lessons/week) 391 € 782 € 1173 € 1564 € 1955 € 2346 € 2737 € 3128 € 3519 € 3910 € 4301 € 4692 € 5083 € 5474 € 5865 € 6256 € 6647 € 7038 € 7429 € 7820 € 391 €
Additional Private Tuition (10 lessons/week) 782 € 1564 € 2346 € 3128 € 3910 € 4692 € 5474 € 6256 € 7038 € 7820 € 8602 € 9384 € 10166 € 10948 € 11730 € 12512 € 13294 € 14076 € 14858 € 15640 € 782 €

Course Dates and Info

National holidays: 01.01.2021 , 18.01.2021 , 15.02.2021 , 19.04.2021 , 31.05.2021 , 05.07.2021 , 06.09.2021 , 11.10.2021 , 11.11.2021 , 25.11.2021 , 26.11.2021 , 24.12.2021 , 31.12.2021
Starting dates: Start every Monday
SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room

Your advantage with Linguago: No fees! (-230€); Accommodation Placement Fee (83€); Registration fee of the language school (147€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes.
Test fees not included in the price.
During High Season (15 June - 11 September) a supplement of 18 Euros is added for ALL courses shorter than 12 weeks. During High Season (13 June - 12 September) a supplement of 25 Euros is added for ALL accommodations.

Course Dates and Info


There are several types of accommodation available in Boston. On this page we will present you with various options to help you decide on the preferred type of accommodation. If you have any further questions regarding accommodation, we will be happy to assist you.

Many language students decide to stay with a host family. This option is not only cost-effective but it also gives students the opportunity to experience the American way of life firsthand. Communication with the host family is in English of course, which makes for an additional learning experience with native English speakers.

If you’d prefer to live with other language students, you can rent a shared apartment. Between June and August, participants can also opt for the Boston summer residence, a student dormitory on the campus of an American University. Regardless of where you decide to stay, we wish you a superb time in the USA!


The shared flats are a popular and comfortable form of accommodation in the USA. The flats are located in the Back Bay district and are only a 30-minute walk (or a 10-minute ride with public transportation) away from the language school. There are also many shops, restaurants and a fitness center located within walking distance of the flats.

With flat sharing, students can choose to live in either a single or a double room. Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms. The large windows in these flats help to create a cosy interior and provide not only light, but also a great view. Three rooms share a well-equipped kitchen, a living room, and two bathrooms that each have a shower. Each bedroom has a bed, a dresser and a closet.

A washing machine, dryer, and bedding can be found in the flat. Cable television and a complimentary wireless Internet access are provided. Towels are not provided. A cleaning service comes to the flat once a week. The shared flats are co-ed. Upon arrival students must pay a $300 (USD) deposit. It is possible to pay this with a credit card.

Host Family

Staying with an American host family is a very popular accommodation option for our students. The carefully chosen host families are either parents with children, couples or singles. In order to be understood in the host family, English skills are necessary. This means that students can apply what they have learned in classes directly to their time outside of class.

Additionally students will get unbiased insight into American daily life.

With the Boston host family option you can book either a single or a double room. You would share a double room with another language student from our school. Breakfast, dinner, towels, and bedding are included in the price. A washing machine and telephone are available to you in each host family’s home. You will also have free access to the internet. Arrival and departure dates fall on Saturdays.

All of the host families live within commuting distance of the city center. That means that you will need to travel by bus or train to reach our language school. The longest commute takes 50 minutes with Boston’s local transportation.

Summer Residence

The summer residence is located on the Colleges of the Fenway campus and is open for language school students to use during the peak season between June and August. Would you like to live on a typical American college campus and enjoy its parks and traditional buildings? Then this option is right for you.

The residence offers double rooms equipped with a telephone, and W-LAN Internet access with multiple computer connection options. Students will also have access to the fitness center, study rooms, lounges and computer labs located on the campus. In the residence, three separate bedrooms share a kitchen, two bathrooms and a shared living and eating space. The bathrooms are cleaned once a week and students are responsible for cleaning the rest of the rooms.

Bedding is provided, but students will need to bring their own towels. Coin operated washing machines are available. The apartments in the summer residence are not co-ed. Students living in the summer residence are expected to cook and clean for themselves, but a cafeteria is available for the occasional meal.

In the area surrounding the summer residence there are many museums as well as shopping and dining possibilities. The famous Fenway Park is also nearby. The language school is best-reached by use of the metro which takes about 25 minutes.

Please note that although smoking and drinking alcohol is common in the USA, it is forbidden at the summer residence. A security deposit of $150 (USD) is to be paid upon arrival. It is also possible to pay this with a credit card.


Boston is a university city with many opportunities for young people, including an active nightlife. You could go shopping in Newbury Street, discover American history by following the famous Freedom Trail, visit bars, clubs, and go to concerts.

You may want to catch a Boston Red Sox game at the legendary Fenway Park Stadium or maybe play some sports yourself – the possibilities are endless!

In your free time you can arrange outings with other language students or take advantage of the schools many options for weekend trips in the Boston area. If you’re really adventurous, you can take a weekend trip to New York City – it’s 4 hours away! Other trips arranged by the language school include ski-trips, ice skating, a trip to Niagara Falls, a visit to Harvard University, a trip to the Prudential Center Skywalk Observatory to get a view of Boston from above and canoe-trips on the Charles River. 

Students get the right mix of education and fun and are able to learn English through immersion by talking with other international students, shopping, or even riding the bus. Students can not only pick up new vocabulary words in this way, but they can also experience culture and the American way of life first-hand. Our language school in Boston informs students about current events, concerts, exhibitions and much more!