Competitions and Scholarships with Sprachdirekt

You can find the current competitions of Sprachdirekt on the following sites:

Sprachdirekt is organizing some exciting competitions where you can win language courses abroad, scholarships or discount vouchers. Here are the rules of our contests. Please do not take part if you do not agree to these terms.

  1. Participation is free. By participating in the competition, the user accepts these terms and conditions.
  2. If the respective competition is announced on Facebook, all participants will be asked to post their participation on their "Facebook Wall" with a reference to the competition.
  3. Entries are open to persons aged 18 and over. Employees of Sprachdirekt GmbH and their families may not participate. Only one entry permitted per person.
  4. The prize will be as described in the competition. Unless otherwise stated, all prizes (free language courses, accommodation, etc.) are ONLY valid in the low season at the respective school. The prizes will only be drawn from the participants who have met all the stated terms and conditions. The entries will close on the indicated day at 23:59:59.
  5. The prize winners will be notified shortly after. To win the prize from Sprachdirekt, it must be redeemed by 31.12.2015 (unless otherwise stated). This means that the respective language course must not only be booked by this date but also completed.
  6. If the respective prize is a language trip, a language course or a discount by Sprachdirekt, all winners must agree to write a travelogue about their study abroad with Sprachdirekt, which may be used for promotional purposes exclusively by Sprachdirekt.
  7. For Sprachdirekt to announce the winners (e.g. on the blog), you will need to provide a photo of yourself alongside a short bio.
  8. It is not possible to exchange the prize for cash or another prize. Prizes are not transferable. The winner will accept any necessary changes to the prize, including factors outside the company's control (for e.g. schools).
  9. The decision made by Sprachdirekt is final. Sprachdirekt GmbH reserves the right to cancel the competition prematurely if any difficulties arise that threaten the integrity of the contest, including if the participation is too low.
  10. Sprachdirekt GmbH further reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, without notice.
  11. Your personal data is not transmitted to third parties. All participants must agree that Sprachdirekt may use the participant's name on the homepage, blog etc. by Sprachdirekt for promotional purposes without any compensation. The consent to the use of your personal date can be changed at any time by sending an e-mail to
  12. The decision is final.
  13. The date of the prize draw is selected within the validity period (providing the availability of the courses).
  14. Accommodation, flights and meals are not included in the prize (unless otherwise stated).
  15. All prize discounts are only valid for courses with a duration of 2 weeks or longer. Also, they only apply to the respective language course, does not include accommodation and meals.
  16. Discounts can not be combined.