English language courses in Auckland

The General English courses focus specifically on developing fluency and confidence in using the language. You can choose between a Standard course, an Intensive course or a combination of a general language course and additional individual 1:1 lessons. In the morning the lessons focus on English grammar and vocabulary, and in the afternoon the focus is on written and oral expression, where conversation is a key point.

The standard English course consists of 20 lessons of 60 minutes each. You learn in a group of 11 participants on average (up to 15) and in the morning you will get a comprehensive insight into English grammar, expand your vocabulary and be able to practise your listening skills. The afternoons concentrate specifically on the communicative skills and correct pronunciation, so you can put your language into use in everyday life. If you have other plans during the day or have a job, our school offers a great alternative: the standard course is also available in the evenings from 4.20pm until 8.45pm!

So that you can make even greater progress the school offers an intensive English course, which consists of 30 lessons of 60 minutes from 9am until 3.30pm. On this course the focus in the mornings on grammar and vocabulary while in the afternoons you polish up your language skills and also focus on pronunciation, stress and intonation.

We recommend the combined course to participants who want to focus specifically on their weaknesses or want specialised vocabulary in a particular subject for their profession (e.g. doctors, lawyers, etc.). In addition to the general language Intensive course, the teacher will create a one-hour private lesson for you every day.

On Friday afternoons, the students can choose special course activities. These include, for example, pronunciation workshops, watching English films followed by discussions, or talking in a relaxed atmosphere with your English teachers to practise your conversation skills.