Business English courses

As a result of globalisation and internationalisation, to be successful in business it is very important to have a good knowledge of English. The relevant language skills give you a great advantage in the job market and are more flexibility if you want to work abroad. An internationally recognised Business English certificate will help to show that you have achieved a high standard of English and that you are able to use English in a professional context.

We offer a variety of Business English courses in Bournemouth including: a Standard Business English course, an Intensive Business English Course, a Private Business English course and an 8-week and an 8-week Business English exam course.
For those participants who do not have much time available, we recommend the Standard or Intensive Business English course. The standard course consists of 24 lessons per week and the intensive course 28 lessons per week. Both courses combine 20 lessons of 45 minutes of general English in the mornings and 60-minute private business 1:1 lessons in the afternoons. For those participants who want to focus only on Business English, individual lessons with a private teacher can be arranged for the entire duration of the course. If you select this private course, please let us know well in advance what aspect of Business English you want to focus on with your private teacher. The Private Business English Private course may be either 20 or 30 lessons of 45 minutes each per week. Courses are available as long as needed and can be started at any time all year round.

With advanced notice, Business English courses can be arranged for specific topic areas such as Marketing and Advertising, Law, Hotel Management, Accounting, Public Relations, English for Medical professionals, and so on. Our experienced Business English teachers are highly qualified and have a business-oriented background.

Business English Certificate examination course (BEC)

The BEC is a prestigious qualification which enjoys international recognition by both universities as well as by those in the business world. The BEC exams are linked to the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and the UK Qualifications and the Curriculum Authority's National Standards for Literacy. The BEC preparation course is ideal for graduates who want a better chance in the global job market, and for those in the international business world who want to improve their career prospects.

The BEC exam preparation course consists of a week of 20 lessons (45 minutes) General English and 6 hours (60 minutes) of special preparation for the Business English Certificate. In order to pass the BEC exam, participants will need to have at least an Intermediate level of English.