Cambridge Exam courses

The Cambridge exams provide English certificates that are used as proof of language proficiency and are welcomed and recognized by universities and employers throughout the world. Each year about 1.5 million people in 135 countries take these exams. They officially confirm your level of English and can help you to be accepted to a university or to improve your job prospects. 

The preparation courses for the Cambridge exams are specifically designed to greatly improve the English skills of the participants over a period of 4-12 weeks. The course involves special preparation of all the relevant areas appropriate to the exam. If you attend a preparation course, the exam itself is optional.

The Cambridge exam fee is included in all test preparation courses.

Tip: We offer a special 3-week summer crash course for those who want to prepare for the FCE certificate as efficiently as possible in a very short time. This crash course consists of 40 lessons per week. With the small group size of a maximum 10 participants and the intensity of the lessons you will be well prepared for the exam in the shortest possible time. Please contact us for full details and prices.