Business English courses in Sydney

Good knowledge of the English language is important in the professional world of work and many employers insist on it. The school offers two different options in order to meet the needs of professionals and for you to establish new contacts.

Standard business English course

This course consists of 20 general English lessons per week and the opportunity to participate on the `International Business English` module in the afternoon from 2pm until 3pm daily. As well as exploring the English language in detail, there is a selection of topics from the world of work. These include: how to write an E-mail or letter, how to negotiate with a business partner, delivering presentations and how to behave towards customers. The Standard business course also offers you the chance to participate in exciting `English Extras` after your lessons from 3.15pm until – 4pm. The themes of these additional modules range from pronunciation, culture and conversation, to trips and film afternoons.

Intensive business English course

The Business intensive course is suitable for participants who wish to combine group lessons with individual 1:1 lessons. This combines the Standard business English course in the mornings with a group course in the afternoons for 5 hours per week focusing on `International Business English`. This is followed by 5 further hours per week of individual 1:1 lessons with a teacher when you can focus on your weaknesses and specific topics. The teachers have the relevant knowledge to help you with the specific vocabulary needed by doctors, lawyers and so on.