English language courses in Sydney

Our language school in Sydney offers a variety of different courses. The general language courses are based on the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking and are designed to strengthen your general English language skills. It will examine aspects of grammar, help you to improve your listening skills and extend your vocabulary and put all this into practice through role play and group work.

Participants will have the choice between a standard course (20 lessons per week) an intensive course (20 lessons + 10 hours per week) or a combined course with additional individual 1:1 lessons. The courses are offered at all language levels from beginner to advanced. There is a placement test on the first day so that we can place you in the appropriate level and you can get the most out of your course. One lesson consists of 45 minutes.

The standard course has a maximum class size of 15 participants and focuses on grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and conversation. The school places great importance on the fact that the lessons are varied and interactive in their design. The Standard course consists of 20 lessons of 45 minutes.

The intensive course allows you to take the general English course and select from a choice of specially topics to focus on your weaknesses and areas that interest you in the afternoons. These modules include: `Writing`, Grammar Practice`, `Conversation` and the cultural module `Australian Studies`. The intensive course consists of 20 weekly lessons of 45 minutes and an additional 10 lessons of 60 minutes of modules and `English Extras`.

Combined course

If you want to make as much progress as possible in a short time, the combined course is the right choice for you. Consisting of the Standard general language course in the mornings (20 lessons per week) and individual 1:1 lessons in the afternoon (5 hours per week) you can work specifically on your weaknesses and the teacher is there to help you with your specific needs and requirements. In addition, there are 5 one-hour lessons where you choose the modules that interest you from the choice offered as `English Extras` from 3.15pm until 4.15pm daily. These range from cultural issues to trips or courses where you practise your English through debate and discussion.