Business English Courses in Vancouver

Nowadays, English is needed in almost every profession. The Business English course in Vancouver offers a good opportunity to improve your English and to incorporate this knowledge into the professional world. The course consists of 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week. These consist of 20 lessons of general English and 10 lessons of specialised Business English. The classes have a maximum of 15 participants.

Since English is the global language of business, politics, international relations, culture and entertainment, the course looks at a variety of subject areas. The Business English course is designed to offer the participants a solid grounding in the language skills necessary for an international career. The topics covered on the course include: contract negotiations, management and human resource management, marketing and marketing strategies, project management, corporate budgets, corporate ethics and customer service. Also, giving presentations, telephoning, writing a CV and preparing for an interview, fall within the scope of the Business English course.

It is also possible to have 5 or 10 additional individual 45-minute 1:1 lessons per week in combination with your group course. In these lessons the teacher can focus specifically on your requirements.

Participants on the Business English course must have at least an intermediate level of English.