Learn English in England – Language Schools in England

Where better to learn a language than in the country where it is spoken by the native population? Linguago has been offering high-quality English courses in England for many years. Our language schools in England are located in the heart of the city of London, the arty towns of Bournemouth and Brighton, and the historic city of Cambridge. The language schools in Great Britain are accredited by the British Council and are members of the widely recognised ARELS, the organisation for UK English in Great Britain. Our language courses in England incorporate the international exchange of students as a very important part of the learning process. As an exchange student, you will study together with people from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.

Affordably priced and located in the centre of England's most visited city.

Our modern and attractive school is located in the heart of Brighton.

Our family run school in the south of England is highly recommended for all ages.

For a personal experience visit our small and welcoming school in Cambridge.

Our language school in Manchester is ideally located as a starting point for excursions!

Our junior language courses in England are favourite choice for teenagers.