Learn English in Malta - English Language School Malta

Malta mapThe former British colony of Malta is a very attractive destination for both junior and adult students who want to learn the English language. Learning English in Malta is an unforgettable experience. This Mediterranean island, surrounded by turquoise blue water, has much to offer.  

Our adult participants (16+) enjoy a wonderful stay in the scenic St. Julian's. You can walk in the footsteps of a fascinating history in Medina or enjoy a cultural immersion in the capital Valletta. If you like sports or other fun activities, Malta is a great destination as well. Diving and snorkelling in Maltese waters is a magical experience. 

Our highly recommended school in Malta is ideally located in St. Julians.

Our junior and family programme is suitable for students from 8-12 & 12-17.

Visit Malta's sister island of Gozo for a more secluded learning experience.