French and wine

What place in the world could be better to find out more about good wines and the French language than Bordeaux? Our partner school has recognised this, and developed a combined program of French and wine for those who want to learn more about the French language and the excellent wines of the region. The course duration is one week and it is also possible to combine this course with other courses. You will learn about and enjoy both French and wine on a course with between 8 and 14 participants. All of the participants have 20 lessons of General French and go on excursions and have seminars on the subject of wine. There is not only the theory but also the practice and the opportunity to sample delicious wines of the region at the wineries.

The French and Wine course is offered on fixed dates throughout the year and if you require any further information, please contact us. This course is available to students at all levels from beginners to advanced, and the beginners will receive information in English so that they can understand and learn as much as possible.