Specialised French courses in Bordeaux

The language school in Bordeaux offers various specialised technical courses for professionals. These courses consist of 20 weekly lessons studying general French in the group, and an additional 10 individual 1:1 lessons for specific subject areas. The group classes consist of 8 to 14 participants and the participants must have at least a basic knowledge of French. To offer the greatest degree of flexibility to those who are interested in booking the courses, the courses can start on any Monday.

The focus of the Business French courses is on topics from the commercial world. Professionals learn how to communicate in French with business partners and customers, how to read and write reports, how to write job applications, and much more. The technical part of this course is taught in individual lessons, and so the teacher can tailor the course to use materials and focus on issues that interest the individual participant and are appropriate for their level. So that the course can focus on presentations and communication regarding the company the participants are encouraged to bring material relating to their come to use in the sessions. The school will of course deal with this information in the strictest of confidence.

The French for lawyers course is aimed at students who are trainee lawyers and professionals who need to work together with French-speaking lawyers and others involved in the legal field as well as those who deal with French legal documents in their professional lives. The individual courses are designed according to the needs and requirements of the participants. In addition to a basic knowledge of French, the participants should also have an industry-standard basic knowledge of law. The aim of the course is to improve the participants` professional communication skills and develop the language skills required in various fields of law as well as to provide a better understanding of French society. Participants can also bring documents from their own companies if they wish to integrate them into the lessons. These will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

The medical French language courses are aimed at students studying medicine, healthcare professionals and medical professionals who need to learn more about the French jargon that they can use when talking to patients and colleagues as well as in written communication. The courses focus on everyday situations in the professional life of those in the medical field and related vocabulary and cultural contexts. Participants can learn not only the content of what they want to convey to French-speaking patients, but also learn more about how they can best communicate this content. Another aspect of the course is a closer examination of the French health system. The lessons are supported with videos, reference websites and CD-ROMs related to medical education. Simulating practical everyday professional situations makes the lessons clear and relevant to the participants.

The French for diplomats course is aimed at those who are studying in the field of international politics, want to work or are already working - not only for diplomats, but also to students of political science subjects, employees of international organisations and all those who have a keen interest in international relations. The course can be tailored to the appropriate language level, learning goals and needs of each individual participant. The topics covered include: the language of official international documents, speaking at public events as well as the appropriate use of linguistic stylistic devices. The students will examine reports and articles relating to Europe, French-speaking areas and other parts of the world. The cross-cultural perspective of the course is particularly important and it ensures that the participants can perform and communicate comfortably in French on the international stage.