French Language Course in Lyon

Several general language courses provide you with the opportunity to refresh, improve or begin working on your French language skills. Students decide how intensively they would like to study the foreign language during their stay. In these French courses students will gain reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

General French courses with a maximum of 12 participants per group begin every Monday after the oral placement exam. Courses for beginners with no prior knowledge of French start on specific dates in a six-week cycle. During the first two weeks, students who start from scratch will participate in intensive classes. Subsequently, standard classes can be attended. Standard French courses (21 lessons per week) have classes scheduled from Monday to Friday in the mornings and in the afternoons, with 21 weekly lessons which last 45 minutes each. This course is for participants who would like to have enough time beside the language course for exploring Lyon and its surroundings.

In intensive French courses (25 lessons per week), you will have five lessons (45 minutes each) on five days per week. In addition to general French classes, topics like conversation, writing skills, cinema, media and culture will be covered. Please note that it is mandatory for people without knowledge of the french language to book at least 2 weeks of class in order to participate. Would you like to make your French language journey more intensive? If so, we recommend additional private coaching (five or ten hours per week, for example). If you combine that with an intensive French language course, it is called a combination course with 25+5 or 25+10 weekly lessons (45 minutes each).