Executive French courses (mini groups)

Our language school in Nice has developed the executive French course specifically for business people, professionals and engineers. The course is particularly intensive and perfectly suited for helping you achieve the greatest possible progress in little time. The course comprises 30 weekly lessons. The number of participants in our mini group is limited to three to five students.

Group classes focus on several relevant topics:

  • Student meet and greet: Participants present their jobs, describe their responsibilities, personal information, countries and nationalities
  • Presenting the company: Business structure, company profile, projects
  • Product description: Explaining a product or service in different situations, e.g. employee review, seminar, sales call
  • Business achievements and financial aspects Announcing events and goals, balance sheets, banks, financing, foreign exchange, currency, insurance
  • Negotiating in French: Discussions and exercises, simple negotiation types, price disagreement, unpaid invoices, renegotiating a contract, justifying a pay raise
  • Market analysis: Explaining numbers, statistics and trends
  • French grammar

The executive French course is scheduled for one week. Please note that participation requires language skills of level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or better. The minimum age for participation is 18. Courses start every Monday except for national French holidays.