French courses for families

Would you like to visit Nice as a family with your kids and discover southern France together? Then we have just the right offer for you: a family course in Nice.

This course is scheduled to last one or two weeks and constitutes a language course specifically for adults as well as classes catering to children aged 9 to 15. The course is designed to teach kids the French language in an enjoyable way by engaging in lots of practical activities. For example, teachers visit the local bakery with their class to buy croissants. Courses for minors adapt to the profile of the student group. The basic idea is to spend less time in the classroom learning grammar and more time playfully learning the language on outdoor excursions. This is particularly important for younger participants to keep up their concentration.

Both course programmes are comprised of 20 weekly lessons (for the adult course, see standard French course), with adult courses having a maximum of 10 participants and children’s courses being capped at 5 students. Family courses start on specific dates (see below). Please note that adults can also enroll in other courses than “Standard French” with more weekly instruction periods. However, arrangements for students should be made beforehand, as the language school does not supervise them during adult classes in the afternoon.