Private Tuition

Private French tuition is a great benefit providing the participant with a one on one interaction with the teacher. By having the full attention of the teacher, the program will provide the participant with class room environment to meet your individual study goals and focal points. It is a great opportunity to learn French in an intensive form with substantial progress in a short period of time. With the tailoring of the course to your personal or professional needs, the course will meet your personal or professional needs.

Furthermore, the class can provide for learning French language areas of business life in areas such as law, science, journalism and many more areas. Conversational skills will also uniquely benefit from private lessons. The private lessons will provide strengthening of your individual weaknesses in areas such as grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension or pronunciation.

We also welcome students to inform us prior to their arrival on the topic or theme they would like to cover. For example if you have a seminar or meeting you wish to prepare for we encourage you to send any information directly to your private teacher who will then adequately prepare for your arrival. Courses are normally made up of 20 or 30 lessons per week however it is also possible to arrange private tuition as a compliment to a group course of 1-2 lessons per day alternatively; you can opt for a super intensive 40 private lessons per week.