Italian language courses in Florence

Our partner school in Florence offers a wide variety of Italian language courses. Along with a large number of general Italian courses with varying intensities, you can also choose from specific theme-oriented and multifaceted language courses in Florence. For example, you will have the opportunity to combine studies in painting, art, design, culture or Italian cooking into one course!

The classic general language courses in Florence also offer the greatest flexibility possible: depending on how intensive you would like to make your course plan, you can choose between courses with up to 20 or 30 instruction periods per week.

At our language school, teaching takes place in small groups of three to twelve students. Based on contemporary and innovative principles, the Italian language courses are set up in such a way so that you quickly become familiar with the Italian language. All participants learn how to adapt quickly in daily situations and communicate in the foreign language with self-confidence.

he general Italian courses in Florence are available for all proficiency levels from beginner to advanced. In order for you to be placed in the appropriate course group, a written and oral exam will take place on the first day of the course. All language courses in Florence focus on the four fundamental aspects of language acquisition (speaking, reading, comprehension and writing). An introductory course is available each week, and for beginners every second week.

The course material is included in the price. Students will receive a corresponding instruction booklet for every language level. These booklets contain grammar introduction and exercises. In order to make language instruction in Italian as varied as possible, many everyday learning materials (newspapers, advertisements, magazines, pictures, etc.) are included and students have the opportunity to discuss daily events.

Additionally, you can rent out instructional materials (books, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.) from the school library. We recommend that you bring along a dictionary for your Italian courses.