Private tuition and executive Italian courses

Private and executive courses for Italian are designed for participants who want to achieve the maximum possible progress during a short time. Our goal is to make your language course as effective and successful as possible.

On the private course you have the opportunity to completely customize the course content to suit your specific needs. When we prepare an effective course designed to meet your specific requirements, we take into consideration your knowledge, chosen topics, weak points, and your objectives. To achieve the best results, we recommend 20 or 30 lessons per week, depending on the duration of your language course.

The executive Italian courses specifically target students who need Italian for the business world. On these language courses you can choose between two modules: `General Italian` and `Professional Italian` such as: business, marketing and communications, finance, law, insurance or human resources. You can book an Executive Italian course for either 20 or 30 lessons per week. You also have the option of booking a course including lunch with your language teacher.

If you are interested, please ask us for more details!