Italian combination courses in Salerno

If you cannot decide whether you want to learn Italian in group lessons or private lessons in Salerno, there is no problem because it is possible to combine both.

With our Combined courses you have 4 hours of group lessons each day on the Standard Italian course, plus an additional individual 1:1 Italian lesson with your personal teacher. You can gain intercultural experience while learning Italian with students of different nationalities on the group course, and get help with your specific individual needs during the intensive 1:1 lessons. You can practise your spoken language skills in a communicative way with other students on the group course.

The Standard course covers many aspects of the language including: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension and writing skills. You can use the individual lessons to focus more intensively on language points that are covered in the group course if you feel that would be useful. Or, perhaps there are topics that are not covered during the Standard Italian course that are of particular interest to you. If this is the case, then you can inform your 1:1 teacher so that they can cover these with you during your individual lessons.