Private Italian courses – private tuition

Perhaps you require a private teacher because you have very specific needs and ideas about how you would like your Italian language course organised. Maybe you are particularly keen to improve your pronunciation, put emphasis on vocabulary or have difficulty with a particular grammar point. You may also need Italian for your profession or want to use Italian language on your holidays. Whatever areas of Italian you would like to focus on, - whether grammar, vocabulary, cultural studies, business Italian, everyday communication, or whatever else is on your mind - your personal Italian teacher can design a course which meets your specific requirements and is pitched at the appropriate level.

In this way you can use your time in Salerno to make good progress in Italian in a short time. Your personal teacher is specifically there to make sure you get the most out of your Italian course in Salerno. You have close contact with your private teacher and will get to know aspects of Italian culture and get useful tips regarding everyday life in Salerno.

Who knows, but through a few anecdotes about life in Salerno, you might even get to know some secret recipes and receive helpful advice on what to do in and around Salerno.