Italian language courses in Siena

The general Italian standard courses are available at all levels of the European Framework of Reference starting from level A1 for beginners with no previous knowledge, B1 and B2 for more advanced learners and C2 courses at native speaker level.

The beginner level courses deal with aspects of Italian grammar, vocabulary, simple listening and reading comprehension as well as basic oral and written expression. The courses include Italian culture and pronunciation practice. By the end of the course you will be able to hold short conversations in Italian about everyday topics such as family and friends or order food in a restaurant. During the classes you will have situational dialogues with the other participants and write short texts.

The higher level Italian language courses will consolidate on what you already know and further develop your grammar, spoken and written expression and help to expand your vocabulary. You will be able to understand more and express yourself more confidently.

At the even higher levels, you gain a broader knowledge of the Italian culture and improve your grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills. You will be able to speak about more complex issues and gain extensive knowledge of the country, its language and culture.

On the General Italian courses you can choose between the Standard course consisting of 15 lessons of 50 minutes each, or the Intensive course with 20 lessons per week.