Academic Year

During an academic year you will live and learn in England’s capital city of London for 6 or even 9 months. The programme caters to those who would like to study the English language with particular intensity and who have the necessary time at their disposal, e.g. between school and college, after completion of a degree or during a sabbatical year. Not only will your English notably improve during those intensive months, but you’ll also gain valuable experience, meet new friends from around the world and achieve greater confidence in dealing with foreign languages. Additionally, you will take at least one internationally recognised language exam during this time and thus acquire an excellent starting position for enrolling in a university programme in an English-speaking country or joining a multinational corporation.

Course participants will attend 20 or 28 lessons each week, depending on their preferences, with each lesson lasting 50 minutes. When choosing 20 weekly lessons, classes can be scheduled in the afternoons (this is also cheaper than taking morning classes). Course topics consist of general language information, exam preparation and areas selected by the student in accordance with their personal interests. In London Highgate, you can begin your academic year on Mondays throughout the year. In class, students will receive individual support. During consultation with the teachers, progress and future study goals can be discussed. These are optimal requirements for a satisfactory development. Upon completion of the academic year, you can be extremely proud of yourself and your study success.