French and Culture language courses

This language course provides a specially developed curriculum for highly enthusiastic participants and will take place over a two week span. If you wish to experience the French culture and the beauty of southern France, than this course is perfect for you.

The course consists of 15 lessons per week and is combined with our daily program of cultural activities and excursions around the Montpellier area. The course is broken down into two parts. The morning sessions will take place in a classroom environment and will prepare you for the afternoon program. Our afternoon program will provide for interesting and exciting projects that will help reinforce key language skills. Furthermore, this course will help prevent bad speaking habits from developing and will strengthen your everyday speaking skills. The cultural program includes, a tour of Montpellier and various trips to Avignon, Sète, Nimes, Aigues-Mortes or Saint Guilhem. Also, wine or cheese tasting, theater performances, traditional French songs, restaurant or museum visits are included in the program. This course is offered for participants at a good basic and intermediate level.