Specialisation courses: Business French, Exam Preparation, French & Cooking

Our specialisation courses provide a unique and interesting course with various topics. These courses provide a combination of our Standard French courses with a specialisation course in the afternoon.

  • Business 20+6: This specialised course focuses with emphasis on business French with topics such as meetings, negotiations, business letters, job interviews and telephone communications. This course consists of 26 lessons held in the morning and an additional 3 lessons in the afternoon. The maximum size of this lesson is 10 participants and assumes they have at least basic French understanding.
  • Exam Preparation (DELF, TEF, CCIP) 20+6: With morning lessons and 3 afternoon lessons we will prepare you for exams such as the DELF, TEF or CCIP. This course is intended for participants of all levels (from beginners to advance). The course will have a maximum limit of 3 participants.
  • Cooking 20+8: Interested in the French cuisine, this specialisation course will provide a perfect opportunity to combine the French language course with an elegant cooking class. While learning French, participants can discover advantages of the French gastronomy and local products. This course will be held two afternoons per week. The course groups consisting of a maximum of 12 participants will provide basic knowledge of French language skills required to experience the culinary side of France!