Language School London - Highgate

Our language school in North London is located in the beautiful urban area of Highgate. Here, you can enjoy quiet and green surroundings, while at the same time you can be in the centre of London in 20 minutes by train. Thus, you can enjoy the idyllic surroundings and a quiet environment with all the benefits of being close to central London.

The school is located in an authentic Victorian building and, typically for England, there is a big garden, almost like a park. It is a very inviting area of the school. In the vicinity of the school is a very pleasant residential area, home primarily to families as well as the odd celebrity! Here, the hustle and bustle of the city seems far away and the tranquil atmosphere is ideal for learning.

Shops for everyday needs, restaurants and boutiques are located in close proximity. The cost of living here is obviously lower than in the centre of London. Quite pleasing and a definite plus is the fact that the school is relatively small, which means the contact between staff and students is very personal. The homes of the host families are very close to the language school. In general, you can cover this distance in 15 to 30 minutes with public transport or on foot.

Our School Location

The language school in London Highgate is located in a quiet, leafy residential area in the north of London that many wealthy citizens and even some celebrities call home. Here, you seem far removed from the bustle of London city centre, and yet the underground station just a few walking minutes away from the language school offers direct access into the heart of the city. A trip into the centre of London takes about 20 minutes. In Highgate itself, the surroundings of the language school are characterised by lots of green area, shops for every-day goods, restaurants and sports facilities. You will most certainly enjoy your language journey to England here!

School Facilities

When it comes to equipment, all classrooms are up-to-date and many have interactive whiteboards. The learning environment is very pleasing. Throughout the school there is free Wi-Fi for the students. The language students have also access to a library, language lab, student café and computers with Internet access.

24 Stunden Notfalltelefon
24 Stunden Notfalltelefon
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Kostenloses Aktivitätenprogramm
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Schulgarten oder -terrasse
Student lounge
Student lounge

School Accreditation

Our affiliate language school in London Highgate offers superb quality in all aspects of a language journey to England. From instruction itself through the qualification of its employees to the hand-picked accommodation options, all details have been carefully coordinated and are regularly examined. The school has been accredited by the British Council, Great Britain’s official organisation for education and culture.

Furthermore, it is a member of English UK, the leading association of English language centres; excellent quality is therefore guaranteed.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in London Highgate offers a comprehensive English language course programme for diverse needs and study goals. Improve your English skills in a general English course or prepare for English communication in the world of jobs and commerce with a business English language course.

Do you have little time, prefer one-on-one studies or would you like to prepare for a specialised topic? Then attend our private English tuition in London. Those who would like to take a language exam for school, college or work purposes should attend an exam preparation course for the best possible score. The language school in London Highgate also offers a long-term programme, called the academic year, for participants interested in studying English with particular intensity. The minimum age for participation is 14 years (special Intensive Course).
All English courses in London are based on the four key language components of speaking, reading, listening comprehension and writing. As a participant, you will be actively involved in exciting instruction and learn vocabulary and grammar in a context that will enable you to coherently use newly acquired skills on the spot.Up-to-date instruction materials and dedicated teachers will provide sustainable motivation and lots of fun in daily classes.

On your first day of class, you will be asked to take a placement exam with written and oral parts. The results of this exam will be used to distribute students into different ability levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Language courses in London are arranged exclusively with participants of comparable background knowledge. This ensures that no participant will be bored or overwhelmed by the instruction.

Course Prices (in Euro)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast;

Save! The longer the course the cheaper the price per week!

Course Dates and Info


Our language school in London Highgate offers participants several convenient accommodation options. Pick the one that best suits you!

Get to know English day-to-day life in one of our carefully selected host families, or live together with language students from all around the world in one of our two stunning residences. Most host families live near the language school, and the student residence is in close proximity to the school as well. Short trips save time and allow you to get to class in a relaxed state and enjoy as much of your free time as possible.

Our other residence is located in the heart of London, enabling you to comfortably explore this breathtaking city in your free time. Please note that accommodation is usually provided to participants from Sunday to Sunday.
If you have questions regarding accommodation in London or don’t feel sure about what kind of accommodation you should pick, please contact us. We are always prepared to advise you.

Host Family

Host families are a popular accommodation type which allows you to get to know English day-to-day life and speak English with native speakers in your free time.

Most host families live in the vicinity of London Highgate, allowing you to reach the language school by foot or a 15 to 30 minute trip on public transport.

When it comes to meals, breakfast only or half-board services can be ordered. For longer stays in London we would like to recommend that you stay with a host family with half board, as a host family with breakfast usually does not allow private use of the kitchen. Please contact us for a quote.

Students can pick between single and double rooms in host family homes, with double rooms only available for two participants arriving at the same time. Arrivals and departures are scheduled for Sundays. Bathrooms are usually shared with family members; bed-linen and towels are provided.

Got any more questions regarding accommodation and your journey to England? We’ll be glad to advise you.



Residence: Our well-furnished residence is open for bookings all year round and provides comfortable accommodation near our language school in London. The modern building is located in Holloway, near the centre of London. It is the right choice for those who would like to explore London’s inner city from a quaint environment in addition to following the language course while living as close to the city centre as possible.

In the immediate vicinity, there are many exciting shops, bars, clubs and restaurants. A bus trip to the language school in London Highgate takes about 30 minutes.

In the residence, language students live in fully furnished single rooms with en-suite bathrooms. All rooms have a TV and internet access. Four to six students share an apartment with a communal kitchen and living room. In addition to this, everyone shares a large common room with a flat-screen TV, DVD player as well as snack and drinks vending machines. Laundry can be done in the residence’s laundry room. All students in the residence stay on a self-catering basis but dinner can be ordered in a café on request. Arrival and departure are scheduled for Sundays.

Are you still unsure about what kind of accommodation to pick? We’ll be glad to advise you on your language journey to England!


Student Residence: With its student residence, our language school in London Highgate offers beautiful accommodation for students from all around the world all year long. The student residence is tailored to the needs of language students between 18 and 25 years old and is therefore perfectly suited to our younger participants who prefer living with others of the same age group. A bus journey to the language school takes about 15 minutes.

Residents live in single rooms with a bed, cabinet, desk, book shelves and a sink. Bed linen is provided and changed once a week. Towels should be brought by the language students. No more than six residents share a bathroom. On request, a private en-suite bathroom can be ordered. Everyone gets their own key to the residence and to their own room. On weekdays, breakfast and dinner is served in the student residence, and on weekends, lunch is also provided free of charge. Residents can purchase small snacks in three kitchens where refrigerators, microwaves and water heaters are available. There is also a free Wi-Fi access.

Arrival and departure are scheduled for Sundays. For relaxing and meeting friends, the student residence offers several common areas. The main lounge provides comfortable seating, the games room is a venue for gregarious students and the TV room offers listening comprehension training with its English programmes. Laundry can be done with washing machines and dryers in the residence’s own laundry room. Outside, the garden and tennis court provide further means of relaxation and exercise. Your English trip can start now!


London is a city in which there are seemingly no limits to sightseeing, clubbing, theatre and museum visits, high-class sports events or exercising your own sporting preferences.

If you enjoy sports, you’ll be pleased to hear that tennis courts, a golf course and swimming pools are not far from the language school. Our affiliate language school in London arranges a new leisure programme for its language students every month that has lots of room for group activities. There’s a welcome tour through the neighborhood for new arrivals every 14 days during which students can get to know their surroundings and each other, accompanied by language school employees who know their way around.

Other typical activities include international dinner parties, salsa classes, video and karaoke nights, barbecues in summer and ice skating in winter as well as trips to pubs and the theatre or musical shows. Of course, sightseeing is not to be missed in London: let the Tower of London and Tower Bridge enthrall you, admire great works of art in the national gallery or relax on a boat ride on the river Thames.

At the weekend, excursions into the rest of England are offered; visit the famous university city of Oxford, the legendary stone circles of Stonehenge or the beach in the gorgeous seaside town of Brighton.