Learn French in Lyon

LyonLyon is one of the best choices to learn French in France. Lyon, the city where the Rhone and the Saone come together, is not the most touristy French city but it is the second largest one. Here you can easily start a conversation with the locals, which is a good way of putting into practice what you have learned in the French language class, and also a good way to make new friends and interesting acquaintances.

After your language course, there are plenty of things to discover and do in Lyon. Our language school is just a few minutes' walk from Lyon’s historical old city, which is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. After school, this is would be the perfect place for you to take a stroll through the many small alleys. Admire the imposing Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, which was built on the hill of the same name. From there you will be able to enjoy an impressive view of the city below. Stroll along the banks of the Rhone and Saone. Visit some of the wonderful restaurants and enjoy the famous regional cuisine, which is considered by many to be one of the most popular types of French cuisine. 

Regardless of what time of year it is, Lyon is always worth the trip. However, for many locals and also international visitors, December 8th is considered to be the most beautiful day of the year. Those who visit Lyon on that day will celebrate the great Festival of Lights, also known as the Fête des Lumières. Year after year during this festival the city is alive with the most wonderful colours. Many buildings are bathed in colourful sparkling lights and artists emphasise the beauty of it by installing these incredible lights.

While studying French in Lyon, you will learn more than just French. You will get to know an incredible city that will enchant you with its charm and authenticity!

Our School Location

The language school in Lyon is situated in the heart of France’s second city, between the historic district and the modern business district. In the vibrant area in which our language school is housed, you will also find numerous cafés, restaurants and shops. The public transport system in Lyon is well designed; three underground stations are in close proximity to the language school, with "Foch" being the nearest and “Masséna” and “Hôtel de Ville” just a few walking minutes further away from the language school.

School Facilities

Our French language school in Lyon combines quality with a pleasant atmosphere. The centre owner founded the language school in 1999. Due to her many years of experience as a French teacher, she had a clear goal: students should not only feel at home, but also see visible progress with their French studies.

The facilities of the French language school in Lyon have recently been completely renovated. The fourteen classrooms, equipped with air conditioning, provide an enjoyable environment for French classes. A glass dome that illuminates the room and creates a bright and friendly ambience constitutes the centre of the language school. In a large lounge, participants use computers with free Internet access, but Wi-Fi is also available for free in the language school in Lyon. Coffee and drinks vending machines allow for relaxation and refreshment during breaks.

Our language school team in Lyon is highly qualified and very motivated to teach you the French language in a professional and exciting way. But Lyon has more to offer than just a comprehensive and interesting French course programme. An exciting leisure programme that allows you to discover the cultural highlights of Lyon is presented to participants every week. The central location of the language school makes a great starting point for interesting field trips. Our language school is situated in the heart of Lyon between the “Old Lyon” and the modern commercial quarter, just a stone’s throw away from the historic district. The language school is easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Since our language school in Lyon is an institution specialising in adult education, the minimum age for participants is 18.

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School Accreditation

Linguago puts great emphasis on selecting language schools that meet the high quality standards that you as a participant and we as an agency expect of them. Thus, we are always inquiring about the accreditations of our affiliate schools and their memberships in renowned industry associations.

The language school in Lyon is a member of the Organisation Groupement FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) whose mission it is to secure minimum standards of professionalism and service in language schools.

Our language school is also a member of IALC (International Association of Language Centers), an organisation that certifies high quality standards in foreign language schools.

In many German states, our French language school is officially recognised as an educational institution eligible for educational leave benefits. Please contact us for more information.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school provides a great variety of French courses in Lyon so everybody can find exactly the right course to suit them.

In addition to traditional language courses, such as the standard or intensive French courses in Lyon, our students can also enroll in courses for French cuisine, French culture or French business.The language school in Lyon offers preparatory courses for DELF and DALF exams as well.

The price of the language course also includes a supplementary programme meaning that the students can benefit from various tutor sessions (1-3 hours per week) in the areas of grammar, oral and written practice, without any hidden extra costs. More detailed information is available upon your arrival on site at the school.

Course participants must be at least 18 years old. Apart from this, students of all ages are welcome at our language school in Lyon. For students older than 50 years, additional special language courses are offered. To ensure optimal study success, there are no more than twelve students in each class. Intensive language courses in Lyon operate from Monday to Friday, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. Our partner language school in Lyon offers French courses for six skill levels, from beginner to advanced speaker, all year long, with the exception of one week in August and two weeks during the language holiday season.

Skill levels are defined in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Each ability level is taught with a carefully constructed study system. In order to classify students and place them into appropriate language courses, they must take a written exam online before they start their language journey and an oral placement exam on the first day upon arrival. Additionally, weekly tests inform students about their language progress. At the end of each course, students will receive a certificate which documents the level of proficiency they have achieved.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie SprachreiseAll course prices include: The course as described, a placement test and course certificate, course material, city tour, free internet access (Wi-Fi).

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard French Course (21 lessons/week)200 €400 €600 €800 €950 €1140 €1330 €1520 €1710 €1900 €2090 €2280 €2210 €2380 €2550 €2720 €2890 €3060 €3230 €3400 €170 €
Intensive French Course (25 lessons/week)235 €470 €705 €940 €1125 €1350 €1575 €1800 €2025 €2250 €2475 €2700 €2600 €2800 €3000 €3200 €3400 €3600 €3800 €4000 €200 €
Business French Course (15 + 15 lessons/week)900 €1800 €2700 €3600 €4425 €5310 €6195 €7080 €7965 €8850 €9735 €10620 €11310 €12180 €13050 €13920 €14790 €15660 €16530 €17400 €870 €
Combined French Course (25 + 5 lessons/week)440 €880 €1320 €1760 €2150 €2580 €3010 €3440 €3870 €4300 €4730 €5160 €5265 €5670 €6075 €6480 €6885 €7290 €7695 €8100 €405 €
Combined French Course (25 + 10 lessons/week)650 €1300 €1950 €2600 €3225 €3870 €4515 €5160 €5805 €6450 €7095 €7740 €8060 €8680 €9300 €9920 €10540 €11160 €11780 €12400 €620 €
French & Cooking (15 lessons + activities/week)------------------------------------------
French & Culture (15 lessons + activities/week)285 €----------------------------------------
DELF/DALF Exam Course (15 + 5 lessons/week)360 €720 €1080 €1440 €1750 €2100 €2450 €2800 €3150 €3500 €3850 €4200 €4420 €4760 €5100 €5440 €5780 €6120 €6460 €6800 €340 €
Private French Course (20 lessons/week)840 €1680 €2520 €3360 €4200 €5040 €5880 €6720 €7560 €8400 €9240 €10080 €10920 €11760 €12600 €13440 €14280 €15120 €15960 €16800 €840 €
Private French Course (30 lessons/week)1230 €2460 €3690 €4920 €6150 €7380 €8610 €9840 €11070 €12300 €13530 €14760 €15990 €17220 €18450 €19680 €20910 €22140 €23370 €24600 €1230 €
Additional Private Tuition (5 lessons/week)225 €450 €675 €900 €1125 €1350 €1575 €1800 €2025 €2250 €2475 €2700 €2925 €3150 €3375 €3600 €3825 €4050 €4275 €4500 €225 €
Additional Private Tuition (10 lessons/week)440 €880 €1320 €1760 €2200 €2640 €3080 €3520 €3960 €4400 €4840 €5280 €5720 €6160 €6600 €7040 €7480 €7920 €8360 €8800 €440 €

Course Dates and Info

National holidays: 13.04.2020 , 01.05.2020 , 08.05.2020 , 21.05.2020 , 14.07.2020 , 11.11.2020
School holidays: 19.12.2020 - 03.01.2021
Starting dates: Start every Monday
Starting dates beginners: 06.01.2020 , 17.02.2020 , 02.03.2020 , 20.04.2020 , 04.05.2020 , 15.06.2020 , 06.07.2020 , 17.08.2020 , 31.08.2020 , 12.10.2020 , 26.10.2020 , 07.12.2020
Starting dates French + Cultural Program: 02.03.2020 , 30.03.2020 , 27.04.2020 , 02.06.2020 , 13.07.2020 , 14.09.2020 , 19.10.2020 , 30.11.2020
Starting dates French + Cooking: 24.02.2020 , 23.03.2020 , 20.04.2020 , 25.05.2020 , 06.07.2020 , 07.09.2020 , 12.10.2020 , 23.11.2020
School holidays: 19.12.2020 - 03.01.2021
- ; SR - Single room

Your advantage with Linguago: No fees! (-115€); Accommodation Placement Fee (60€); Registration fee of the language school (55€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes
SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes

Course Dates and Info


Our intensive language course participants in Lyon can choose between two excellent language travel accommodation alternatives: a host family and a private apartment.

If you would like to experience life in an authentic French household, living with a host family is your best choice. You will have your own room and dine with the French host family. The language school selects host families carefully using strict requirements; you can expect a high quality experience from your host family.

The private apartments of our school in Lyon will afford you the freedom of a one-room apartment in a 15-to-30-minute walking distance from the language school. Public transport will take you to the school within 10 to 15 minutes. You will live in a fully furnished studio with a fitted kitchen and a private bathroom.

We are glad to advise you personally or on the phone about the language travel accommodation options in Lyon.

Private Apartment

Staying in a private apartment or studio offers the most freedom and flexibility as well as an attractive price-performance ratio. Another advantage is the fact that you can arrive and depart according to your own schedule, as you rent the apartment independently to your course dates.

There are regular quality checks to maintain the imposed standards, as this is deemed very important in the services we offer. The studios are fully furnished, have a TV and internet access and have a kitchenette and bathroom. This accommodation option is self-catering.

Bed linen and towels are provided and the studios are cleaned once a week. You can also use a coin-operated washing machine at little cost.

The private apartments are in the centre of Lyon and within 10 to 15 minutes traveling distance by public transport, or 15 to 30 minutes walking distance from the language school. You can choose between a small or larger studio. The small studios (ca. 160 sq. ft/15m²) are intended for one person. The larger studios (ca. 215 to 270 sq. ft/20 to 25m²) are suitable for one or two people. Please indicate if you prefer two singles or a double bed when you book a larger studio.

Please note that the price per night of a private apartment can fluctuate slightly according to the availability of the individual accommodation.

Host Family

The most popular choice of accommodation during a language stay is the host family, as it allows you to blend in into a French household. You can experience the culture and participate in a totally new lifestyle. Living in a host family offers an extra learning environment next to the school. Using your new language skills you will be talking to your host family in French.

Employees of the language school visit and survey the accommodation regularly to offer language students the best possible choice of host families. All host families sign the “chartre d'engagement”, which stipulates the minimum performance and quality expectations required from each student accommodation and contact.

In host families you will have a single room and share the bathroom and kitchen with the family, which could also be a single person or a couple without children. Double rooms are only available on request. You can choose between only eating breakfast at the house or you can include dinner (half-board). Bed linen and towels are provided and you can use the washing machine once a week.

65% of the host families live within a 30 minute walking distance or are a maximum of 15-20 minutes by bus or metro from the language school. The maximum commuting time to the school will always be 30 minutes.

Arrivals are usually on Sunday and departures on Saturday however, it is often possible to make alternative arrangements in agreement with the host family.


Lyon offers its guests a diverse programme of cultural and social activities all year long.

The team members of our language school love their city and enjoy introducing their students to the highlights of Lyon. This is why a very personable employee responsible for activity planning and will present you the different programme options every week. You can take in the beauty of this World Cultural Heritage during a walk or explore the world of art in one of the city’s 30 museums. Lyon’s greatest descendants include the Lumière brothers, who allegedly recorded the first movie in 1895. You can learn much more about the exciting history of the film by visiting the movie museum. The performing arts still play an important role today as evidenced by the high density of cinemas and theatres. The language school itself hosts film screenings every evening during which you can train your French listening comprehension.

Lyon’s culinary aspects are, of course, also included in the leisure programme. Enjoy crêpes or stroll around the weekly market together; whether it’s cooking workshops, tasting sessions or picnics, our language school offers a plethora of possibilities for experiencing the French “Savoir Vivre” intensively and authentically.

For the weekends, language school employees have compiled some travel suggestions for you so that you also get the chance to explore Lyon’s surroundings. The French Alps around Grenoble and Chambéry are an attractive weekend destination; or maybe you’ll prefer the cosy Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand.

One thing, however, is certain:  boredom does not exist in the Lyon area!