Language Trips to Montpellier


Montpellier in France belongs to the Languedoc Roussillon region. The city has an exceptional location between the sunny Mediterranean coast and the beauty of the French countryside. Montpellier is only a few kilometres away from the very long beaches therefore its location is perfect if you want to combine learning French with relaxation.

The language school in Montpellier is located in the historical old town. Its location is ideal if you want to take part in a French language course while you are also close to all cultural sightseeing attractions and shopping opportunities. Learning in a very friendly atmosphere motivates not only the participants but also proves to be extremely effective. In addition to the actual language course, accommodation is also very important. To make sure that everyone’s needs are addressed, the language school has a variety of possible living arrangements for its participants to choose from. The best way to learn more about the Southern French mentality and their way of life is by staying with a host family. However, if you’d prefer an apartment, studio or other type of residence, you can also book it through the language school.

Your cultural aspirations are not going to be cut short either during your language stay. The very dedicated and experienced team at the language school will happily help you plan your recreational activities. They can give you some very valuable tips. The school itself has extensive excursion choices. You can visit interesting places and attractions in the group while at the same time practising communicating in French. 

The Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the most visited regions in France. Learning French in Montpellier - a unique experience which combines a language course and getting acquainted with everyday life in France.

Our School Location

Our language school located in Montpellier France is centrally located within the heart of the city, providing access to many wonderful attractions Montpellier offers. If that is not enough for you, only 15 minutes away is the Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy many summertime activities.

School Facilities

Our partner school in Montpelier was founded in 1997 and welcomes participants from a total of 60 different nations. The proprietors of the language school place high value on the continuously high quality of the language courses they offer. 

The school enjoys a wonderful location in the heart of the historic centre of Montpelier, right next to the famous "Place de la Comédie". On this main square of Montpelier, you’ll find numerous cafés and shops of all kinds, restaurants and cinemas and there are also many different places of interest only a few minutes away. You can walk to the train station in two minutes and get access to various types of public transport.

Located in the pedestrian area, the school occupies two floors of a historic building dating from the 1900s. Long, sunny balconies lead directly to the “Place de la Comédie“. A reading and study room offers a choice of French literature, workbooks, newspapers and magazines. Free internet access is available and you can also use your own laptop. In the kitchen, language students can use a microwave or refrigerator to prepare a small meal for themselves. The planning of free time activities is coordinated by an experienced team that can provide useful and interesting tips. The bright and spacious classrooms are equipped with all necessary multimedia devices: CD player, TV, video and DVD players. The language class and the certificate issued are in accordance with the “Common Reference Framework for Language Learning“(Level A1 to C2). A French language course at our language school in Montpelier promises quality French courses in a unique and wonderful area of France. 

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School Accreditation

Maintaining excellence within our organisation is of the utmost importance to us at the language school of Montpellier. The French Ministry of Education has bestowed upon us their recognition for maintaining excellence in education. As a member of the Quality Group “”, we will continue to maintain and improve our educational services. Our language school is an authorized TEF exam center of the industrial and Paris Chamber of Commerce (“Test d’Évaluation du Franςais”).

We are also recognized by the Swedish accreditation CSN.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in Montpellier offers a diverse course programme, which contains the right courses for every language student. It doesn't matter if you only attend the French language courses in Montpelier in the mornings and would like to keep the afternoons free for leisure activities, or if you'd rather have your French learning very intensive.

The language school's offer includes both group and individual lessons, French courses for culture enthusiasts or gourmets, as well as long-term academic programmes. The wide range of language courses makes it possible for you to find the right course. 

Particular emphasis is placed on the quality of the language courses in France. To allow for a diverse and dynamic class, each course group has two different teachers. One teacher is responsible for writing and grammar, while the other teacher covers the areas of comprehension and communication. In this way, the language students are exposed to different French accents and are able to benefit from the versatile programme of the French courses in Montpelier. The focus of the teaching method is on interactive communication. Realistic conversational training for specific everyday situations, pronunciation exercises, sketches and role playing are especially encouraged. In order to address the needs of each individual, the classes are taught in small groups of 3 to 8 participants per language course. The maximum group size is 10 participants. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

On the first day of class, students sit both a written and oral placement test. This allows participants to be assigned into appropriate course groups with students of similar ability. All tests and certificates are based on the "Common Reference Framework for Language Learning" with the classifications A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The teaching material for the French courses in Montpelier consists of a wide range of current documents; newspaper clippings, radio and TV recordings, information from the Internet, as well as audio and video tapes. The course material is included in the price. At the end of the language course, the participants receive a certificate that verifies the number of instruction hours and the corresponding French skill level, as well as remarks from the teacher.

The language school in Montpellier is designed for language training of adults and accepts participants of at least 16 years of age.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie Sprachreise All course prices include: The course as described, placement test and course certificate, course material, Information material with map, student card (please do not forget a passport photo), 1 city tour the first Monday of the month (Nov-April) and every Monday (Mai-Oct), French “Cine-Club” at school (Thursday), free internet access (WLAN), resource center (tutoring for courses, administrative steps, activities after class + books and magazines, computer and DVDs to watch, etc.).

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo.. 2 Wo.. 3 Wo.. 4 Wo.. 5 Wo.. 6 Wo.. 7 Wo.. 8 Wo.. 9 Wo.. 10 Wo.. 11 Wo.. 12 Wo.. 13 Wo.. 14 Wo.. 15 Wo.. 16 Wo.. 17 Wo.. 18 Wo.. 19 Wo.. 20 Wo.. Extrawo.. >>
Standard French Course (20 lessons/week) 230 € 460 € 690 € 840 € 1050 € 1260 € 1400 € 1600 € 1800 € 2000 € 2200 € 2040 € 2210 € 2380 € 2550 € 2720 € 2890 € 3060 € 3230 € 3000 € 150 €
Intensive French Course (30 lessons/week) 330 € 660 € 990 € 1240 € 1550 € 1860 € 2030 € 2320 € 2610 € 2900 € 3190 € 3120 € 3380 € 3640 € 3900 € 4160 € 4420 € 4680 € 4940 € 4400 € 220 €
Super Intensive French Course (34 lessons/week) 510 € 1020 € 1530 € 1960 € 2450 € 2940 € 3290 € 3760 € 4230 € 4700 € 5170 € 5280 € 5720 € 6160 € 6600 € 7040 € 7480 € 7920 € 8360 € -- --
Standard Business French Course (20 + 6 lessons/week) 500 € 1000 € 1500 € 1920 € 2400 € 2880 € 3290 € 3760 € 4230 € 4700 € 5170 € 5280 € 5720 € 6160 € 6600 € 7040 € 7480 € 7920 € 8360 € -- --
DELF/DALF Exam Course (20 + 6 lessons/week) 330 € 660 € 990 € 1240 € 1550 € 1860 € 2100 € 2400 € 2700 € 3000 € 3300 € 3240 € 3510 € 3780 € 4050 € 4320 € 4590 € 4860 € 5130 € -- --
A-Level Course (20 + 6 lessons/week) 500 € 1000 € 1500 € 1920 € 2400 € 2880 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
French for Teachers (30 lessons/week) 370 € 1480 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Combined French Course (20 + 4 lessons/week) 410 € 820 € 1230 € 1560 € 1950 € 2340 € 2660 € 3040 € 3420 € 3800 € 4180 € 4200 € 4550 € 4900 € 5250 € 5600 € 5950 € 6300 € 6650 € -- --
Combined French Course (20 + 10 lessons/week) 680 € 1360 € 2040 € 2640 € 3300 € 3960 € 4550 € 5200 € 5850 € 6500 € 7150 € 7440 € 8060 € 8680 € 9300 € 9920 € 10540 € 11160 € 11780 € -- --
French & Yoga (20 + 6 lessons/week) 302 € 604 € 906 € 1128 € 1410 € 1692 € 1904 € 2176 € 2448 € 2720 € 2992 € 2904 € 3146 € 3388 € 3630 € 3872 € 4114 € 4356 € 4598 € 4440 € 222 €
French & Cooking (20 + 8 lessons/week) 375 € 750 € 1125 € 1420 € 1775 € 2130 € 2415 € 2760 € 3105 € 3450 € 3795 € 3780 € 4095 € 4410 € 4725 € 5040 € 5355 € 5670 € 5985 € 5900 € 295 €
French & Culture (20 lessons/week) 345 € 690 € 1035 € 1300 € 1625 € 1950 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Private French Course (20 lessons/week) 900 € 1800 € 2700 € 3600 € 4500 € 5400 € 6300 € 7200 € 8100 € 9000 € 9900 € 10800 € 11700 € 12600 € 13500 € 14400 € 15300 € 16200 € 17100 € 18000 € 900 €
Private French Course (30 lessons/week) 1350 € 2700 € 4050 € 5400 € 6750 € 8100 € 9450 € 10800 € 12150 € 13500 € 14850 € 16200 € 17550 € 18900 € 20250 € 21600 € 22950 € 24300 € 25650 € 27000 € 1350 €

Course Dates and Info

National holidays: 05.04.2021 , 13.05.2021 , 24.05.2021 , 14.07.2021 , 01.11.2021 , 11.11.2021
School holidays: 17.12.2021 - 03.01.2022
Starting dates beginners: 04.01.2021 , 01.02.2021 , 01.03.2021 , 05.04.2021 , 03.05.2021 , 07.06.2021 , 05.07.2021 , 02.08.2021 , 06.09.2021 , 04.10.2021 , 01.11.2021
Starting dates: Start every Monday
Starting dates French for Teachers: 12.07.2021 , 19.07.2021 , 26.07.2021
SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room

Registration fee of the language school (80€); Your advantage with Linguago: Reduced fees! (-40€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes.
SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes.

Course Dates and Info


An internship abroad is the perfect way to improve or perfect your French language skills and, at the same time, gain valuable work experience abroad. The acquired experience in a foreign country will be a great advantage to you in your future job applications and working life. 

Our language school in Montpellier will organise an internship for you in Montpelier and combine this with a French language course. The minimum duration of both standard and intensive French course is 4 weeks. The internship begins subsequent to the course. Over several years, the language school has been able to collect relevant practical experience in arranging internships. Continued special cooperation follows with the European programme Leonardo.

The internship programme is possible for all participants, from beginner to advanced. The language course can last from 4 weeks to 9 months. The length of the internship is between 4 and 6 weeks. Some of the possible fields include, for example, hotel and catering, tourism, restaurants, bakery and pastry shops, marketing, finance, management and education. The internship contract is a “tripartite agreement” between the language school, the employer offering the internship and the intern. The contract describes the length and structure of the internship as well as the main tasks of the intern. With their signature, the intern’s duties begin with the employer. Thanks to a ‘requirements assessment’ in verbal form, it is ensured that the internship meets the needs and goals of the intern. The criteria for this are French language skills, interests, qualifications and possible work experience. Our language school monitors and follows the progress of the internship. At the end of the internship, the participant receives a certificate.

With the combination of a language course and an internship in a French company, the participants get the opportunity to make practical use of their acquired French skills in the working environment in France. This means that their understanding and feeling for the French language and the international business world will be developed extensively.


For a successful language course in France, the choice of accommodation plays an important role. Our language school in Montpellier offers a wide variety of possible accommodation, which meets the different needs and expectations of participants. 

In a host family, you can experience the French way of life first-hand and use what you've learned during your language course. The school residence in Montpellier is located in the same building as the language school, which guarantees that it's just a short distance between class and your accommodation. If you'd rather be a bit more independent, you could opt to stay in a private studio apartment. Staying in a summer residence near the language school or on the university campus are some of the available options too. These residences are available to participants during the summer months. For all types of accommodation, the arrival takes place on Sunday and the departure on Saturday.

Private Apartment

If you enjoy your privacy we recommend that you try one of our private apartment accommodations. With our private apartments you can be as flexible as you desire with your own studio or apartment. This accommodation is most popular with couples and small groups travelling together. The private apartments can accommodate 1 to 2 persons; however, there is an extra fee for 2 persons.

The private apartments are equipped with a telephone, T.V. and wireless internet. The apartments also provide a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, including a coffee maker, microwave and a refrigerator. Bed linens and towels are provided and will be cleaned while we conduct our weekly cleaning of the rooms and community areas. Furthermore, students can use the swimming pool, fitness room and parking, free of charge. Our building can be reached in about 15 minute walk or 5 minutes by tram. In the immediate vicinity of the apartments are Cafes, restaurants, boutiques and a small park. Also close by, about 10 minutes, is the river Lez.


Host Family

To experience the French culture and way of life we recommend you stay with one of our selected host families.  Staying with one of our host families will give you the opportunity to practice skills acquired through your lessons during meals and other activities with your host family.

 Furthermore, the host family can provide excellent tips about tourist attractions and other sights in Montpellier and the surrounding area. Accommodation with a host family includes a single or double room, breakfast and dinner. Single rooms are the standard option, however, double rooms may be booked by participants traveling together. The first night, the host family will be assisting you are providing your meal for that night.  However, after the first night, you will be able to utilize the kitchen on your own.  If you are staying with a family that will not be providing catering or meal services you will either be staying in the same household as the host family or in an apartment with other students. Host families have been carefully selected and are subject to regular reviews; this helps to ensure a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  Host families are generally located 20 minutes away by bus with a maximum of 45 minute travel time. Airport pick-up services are provided for free by the host family.  This does not cover arrivals between the hours of 22:00 and 8:00. Contact us for more advice on selecting your accommodation!

Summer Residence

During the summer months we offer slightly cheaper accommodations where you can immerse yourself in an international and vibrant atmosphere. Length of stay in these accommodations is at least two weeks. The summer residence can be booked from May to August with self-catering. The rooms are 18 square meters with a private bathroom and toilet, bed linen is also included.

The also provide a kitchenette which includes a refrigerator. Electronics such as a T.V. or phone can be rented. Furthermore, free internet access with your own electronic device is provided. The summer residence provides a community breakfast room, study area and laundry room. The summer residence is located within walking distance (5-15 minutes) from the language school. During August and July single rooms are available on campus. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and are self-catered. The rooms also provide a small refrigerator. Bed linen is provided, however, towels are not provided. These campus rooms provide community areas such as a kitchen with a microwave, laundry facilities, T.V. and internet room and a cafeteria. The summer residence is only 15 to 20 minutes walking distance or 10 minute bus ride from the language school. For students who are driving, free parking is provided on campus.


Taking our French courses in Montpellier provides ours students with a chance to apply their newly learned skills in real life situations. You will have the opportunity to submerge yourself in the French culture.

The activities take place in the afternoons, evenings or weekends and are organised by an experienced and dynamic team. Have you ever visited the picturesque South of France or visit the Roman city of Nîmes?  How about the medieval fortress city of Carcassonne? As a part of our tour program you will get the chance to visit these historical sites. Furthermore, the program takes you to Avignon where you can visit the Papal Palace or Marseille and the Château d’If, which is located just off the coast of Marseille. You will also have the opportunity to visit Camargue, which provides beautiful landscape and beaches on the Mediterranean beaches. Want to know more about Montpellier itself, every first Monday of the month a guided city tour will take place. The school also organizes excursions to local museums, cinemas, art exhibitions, theater performances and much more. How about experience fine French dining? Then try our wine, cheese and chocolate tasting events. Maybe you enjoy something a little more relaxing or stressing relieving. A French Film is shown weekly, which is a fun way to help improve your French comprehension skills. Barbecues, picnics, international cooking and karaoke parties are organized as well. The opportunity provided by these activities give you the chance to enjoy your learning experience in France and will help you grasp the French language.