Learn English in San Diego, California

San Diego

Studying English in San Diego gives you the opportunity to learn English in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States - a dynamic yet relaxing city.

San Diego is a young and friendly city by the sea on the west coast. With sun, beaches, mountains, valleys, deserts and lagoons, it is no surprise that San Diego is one of the top destinations for learning English in the USA.

San Diego is the oldest city of California and the largest after Los Angeles. Bordering Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, the Anza-Borrego Desert and the Laguna Mountains, San Diego offers exceptional choice for your language course in combination with sensational outdoor activities. From exciting ocean adventures, swimming, surfing, diving or just relaxing in the shade of a palm tree on one of the many fabulous beaches, to mountain biking and hiking in the desert, golfing or exploring 30 museums in Balboa Park, America’s largest cultural park, San Diego has it all.

However you decide how to spend time in San Diego, you will not only improve your English and meet new people in the U.S., but also get to know a new way of life - filled with fun, friendship, relaxation and beauty. "Go San Diego!"

Our School Location

Our language school in San Diego is located in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of San Diego. There are many wonderful attractions close proximity, 20-30 minute drive, from our language school, such as Mission Beach, Mission Bay, World’s Famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Weekend trips such as Los Angeles, approximately a 3 hour drive, and Las Vegas, approximately 8 hour drive, are easily accessible from San Diego.

School Facilities

Our highly-recommended English language school in San Diego is located in one of the most desirable coastal regions of California. The school is only a few short steps away from the Pacific Ocean, which gives language students the opportunity to run from the school to the beach to go swimming, surfing or just to laze in the warm sun. Due to the ideal climate, this is possible year-round.

The area is known for its beautiful houses, boutiques, restaurants, cafés and especially the unbelievable and breathtaking coastal region of California. Outside of the school, language students have a large choice of inviting places to go out to eat or to meet with fellow students.

The language school's 23 bright, air-conditioned and spacious classrooms create a very positive learning environment for the students. The sociable student lounge, the computer room with free Internet access and the terrace overlooking the sea help to create an exciting and pleasant California atmosphere in which you can improve your English.

Los Angeles and Las Vegas - further highlights of the U.S. - are only a few hours from San Diego by car and even the Mexican border can be reached in just 15 minutes by car. Many students have reported their unforgettable and magnificent experiences and we are confident that you'll have the time of your life during your stay at our language school in San Diego!

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School Accreditation

Maintaining excellence within our organisation is of the utmost importance to us at the language school in San Diego. Therefore, our language school is recognized by several reputable accreditation institutions and organisations in the United States.

Our language school in San Diego is accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training). This organization accredits organisations who excel in the area of education. ACCET is accredited itself by the U.S. Department of Education since 1978 and was also certified as ISO 9001 Management System.  An accreditation through the ACCET is “A Partnership of Quality”.

Furthermore, our language school is also a member of the AAIEP (American Association of Intensive English Programs). They recognise us for our professional and ethical standards for our intensive English programs. Our organisation is committed to excellence with the 300 other members who also offer English programs. 

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in San Diego offers its participants the best possible results in a large choice of English courses in the USA. We will help you make the right choice.

To improve and build your general English knowledge, we recommend one of our general English courses in San Diego. Immerse yourself in the language course and discuss topics that interest you most by making use of the additional private lessons. Besides the group courses, you can also attend private lessons, which are another variant for intensive language courses. Learn from a teacher who will focus only on you and who will design a plan tailored especially to your course. Focus only on the themes that interest you. In addition to this course, there are also Business English courses in San Diego, in which you can bring your Business English up-to-speed, as well as the long-term programmes such as the academic year and special test preparation courses.

The course material and teaching methods at our San Diego language school are designed to focus on the four pillars of foreign language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. To simplify the learning of the vocabulary and grammar and to experience their use in authentic scenarios, our English courses make much use of texts and listening comprehension. Course materials such as CDs, videos, the Internet and news clippings are used to make English learning as authentic as possible. Because of these principles, the language courses in San Diego are structured to be very interesting, interactive and exciting. This ensures that the participants always stay motivated and do not get bored.

The maximum number of participants in the group courses is twelve. To make sure that these language students are in the right English courses, there is a placement test on the very first school day in the U.S. The current English language proficiency level of the course participants is determined here. This step is necessary to make sure the participants of the course are on the same proficiency level and are not under or over challenged. The course price includes the placement test, the course materials and a certificate upon completion of the course.

Our language school in San Diego is designed to teach adults so attending our English courses is only possible for students over the age of 16. We wish you a lot of fun in America!

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie Sprachreise All course prices include: Course curriculum, placement tests, course completion certificate, course material, Welcome pack, activity programs, free internet connection (also Wi-Fi) and Library.

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo.. 2 Wo.. 3 Wo.. 4 Wo.. 5 Wo.. 6 Wo.. 7 Wo.. 8 Wo.. 9 Wo.. 10 Wo.. 11 Wo.. 12 Wo.. 13 Wo.. 14 Wo.. 15 Wo.. 16 Wo.. 17 Wo.. 18 Wo.. 19 Wo.. 20 Wo.. Extrawo.. >>
Standard English Course (20 lessons/week) 395 € 790 € 1184 € 1579 € 1974 € 2369 € 2764 € 3158 € 3553 € 3948 € 4343 € 4512 € 4888 € 5264 € 5640 € 6016 € 6392 € 6768 € 7144 € 7520 € 376 €
Semi Intensive English Course (24 lessons/week) 442 € 884 € 1325 € 1767 € 2209 € 2651 € 3093 € 3534 € 3976 € 4418 € 4860 € 4907 € 5316 € 5725 € 6134 € 6542 € 6951 € 7360 € 7769 € 8178 € 409 €
Intensive English Course (30 lessons/week) 503 € 1006 € 1509 € 2012 € 2515 € 3017 € 3520 € 4023 € 4526 € 5029 € 5532 € 5527 € 5988 € 6448 € 6909 € 7370 € 7830 € 8291 € 8751 € 9212 € 461 €
Intensive Business English Course (24 lessons/week) 442 € 884 € 1325 € 1767 € 2209 € 2651 € 3093 € 3534 € 3976 € 4418 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Private English Course (20 lessons/week) 1880 € 3760 € 5640 € 7520 € 9400 € 11280 € 13160 € 15040 € 16920 € 18800 € 20680 € 22560 € 24440 € 26320 € 28200 € 30080 € 31960 € 33840 € 35720 € 37600 € 1880 €
Private English Course (30 lessons/week) 2820 € 5640 € 8460 € 11280 € 14100 € 16920 € 19740 € 22560 € 25380 € 28200 € 31020 € 33840 € 36660 € 39480 € 42300 € 45120 € 47940 € 50760 € 53580 € 56400 € 2820 €
Additional Tuition (5 lessons/week) 470 € 940 € 1410 € 1880 € 2350 € 2820 € 3290 € 3760 € 4230 € 4700 € 5170 € 5640 € 6110 € 6580 € 7050 € 7520 € 7990 € 8460 € 8930 € 9400 € 470 €
Additional Tuition (10 lessons/week) 940 € 1880 € 2820 € 3760 € 4700 € 5640 € 6580 € 7520 € 8460 € 9400 € 10340 € 11280 € 12220 € 13160 € 14100 € 15040 € 15980 € 16920 € 17860 € 18800 € 940 €
English & Surfing (20 + 5 lessons/week) 771 € 1542 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Academic Year Programme (24 lessons/week) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Academic Year Programme (30 lessons/week) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Course Dates and Info

Starting dates: Start every Monday
National holidays: 01.01.2021 , 18.01.2021 , 15.02.2021 , 31.03.2021 , 31.05.2021 , 05.07.2021 , 06.09.2021 , 11.10.2021 , 11.11.2021 , 25.11.2021 , 26.11.2021 , 24.12.2021
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (FCE): 04.01.2021 , 29.03.2021 , 04.10.2021
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (CAE): 04.01.2021 , 29.03.2021 , 04.10.2021
SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room

Your advantage with Linguago: No registration fee! (-235€); Accommodation Placement Fee (85€); Registration fee of the language school (150€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 Minutes,
* Test fees not included in price.
During High Season (15 June - 11 September) a supplement of 19 Euros is added for ALL courses shorter than 12 weeks. During High Season (13 June - 12 September) a supplement of 30 Euros is added for ALL accommodations.

Course Dates and Info

Please take the following dates into consideration when planning your language journey to San Diego:


Standard English, Business English Courses and TOEFL 2018: Every Monday


Cambridge ESOL Course dates 2018:

FCE and CAE: 02 January - 16 March (11 weeks), 19 March - 08 June (12 weeks), 02 July - 24 August (8 weeks), 30 July - 24 August, 10 September - 30 November (12 weeks).


FCE Exam dates: 16 March, 12 June, 23 August,04 December. 

CAE Exam dates: 17 March, 13 June, 24 August, 05 December


CPE: 02 January - 09 March (10 weeks), 19 March - 08 June (12 weeks), 10 September - 30 November (12 weeks). Exam dates: 10 March, 14 June, 06 December

National and Bank holidays in San Diego (working days) 2018: 01 January, 15 January, 19 Febuary, 28 May, 04 July, 03 September, 08 October, 12 November, 22 November, 23 November, 25 December.





In addition to choosing the right language course, choosing your accommodation is an important element of your language trip to San Diego in the USA.

To meet all tastes and expectations of our visitors, our language school in San Diego offers different types of accommodation. 

One of the most popular types of accommodation is and always has been the classic host family. Here we offer our language students the unique opportunity to live with an American family, to take part in daily life and to use their acquired language ability immediately. Meals are also available with this type of accommodation.

For those who would prefer their life in San Diego to be a bit more independent, we recommend lodging in one of the shared apartments that we offer. Here, it's about independent apartment living, which leaves nothing more to be desired from the residents. In addition to the shared apartments, private apartments are also available. Alternatively, students can book a room in a  hotel.

Do you have any further questions about the USA? Our friendly team at Sprachdirekt would be happy to advise you and help you find the right accommodation for you.


Students of our language school in San Diego have the option to choose shared apartments for the duration of their stay. Our shared apartments are offered as single and double rooms and are self-catering. Each shared apartment comes with a community kitchen and bathroom. The kitchens are fully equipped with a fridge, oven and dishwasher.

Furthermore, the rooms provide a patio or balcony, air conditioning, cable T.V. and an internet connection.

Individuals traveling alone are able to select a double room, in which case the language school will select a suitable roommate. Rooms will be sorted by gender. Other necessities such as bed linen and towels will be provided; however, beach towels are not included. Certain apartments come with extra amenities such as a tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool, sauna, gym, cinema room and parking. The apartments were carefully selected ensuring that the surrounding areas provides our students with the necessary facilities such as super markets, restaurants, bars, etc…

Furthermore, the language school is easily accessible from these accommodations by public transportation or a rental car. Arrival and departure is usually on Saturdays and upon arrival a 150 dollar security deposit will be required for these accommodations. If you have any questions regarding these accommodations we would be more than happy to assist you.

Host Family

Many people choose to stay with a host family in the USA. When you live with a host family, you can get to know the customs and culture, and the American way of life. It also gives you the chance to improve your English and put what you learn in the classroom as part of the English course into practice in daily life with the family.

Typically, the families consist of a mother, father and children or can be a couple or a single person.

The language school in San Diego uses host families situated close to different bus lines, which means that the students live between 30 and 80 minutes from the school, depending on the district. Accommodation is in a single room and you can choose whether you want breakfast only or breakfast and dinner (half board). If you do not plan to spend the evenings at home with the family, the breakfast only option is better and it gives you more independence. The half board (breakfast and dinner) option is good if you want more interaction with the family and would like to spend the evenings at home. 

The host families in San Diego are selected according to the school´s strict criteria. The school and the families work closely together, which makes it easy to listen to your special requests or to put things right if you are not happy with anything. 

If you are interested in visiting the USA and have any further questions, we will gladly help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


San Diego and the surrounding area is the ideal destination and full of things to do. Our language school in San Diego helps the students to see and experience as much as possible. There is a new activity program each month with a huge choice designed to suit everybody.

A wide variety of water sports is offered because the beach is very close, and these include: surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving.

In addition, several exciting weekend excursions are arranged to other cities in the United States to destinations such as: Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Catalina Island.

There are also free activities such as: yoga, capoeira, beach volleyball, film nights, football, basketball, and visits to La Jolla Museum of Art. The school organizes parties around the public holidays and in October, for example, there is a great Halloween party.

The school also arranges trips to American sporting events including: American Football (San Diego Chargers), basketball (Los Angeles Lakers) and baseball (San Diego Padres). The leisure program also includes extra activities such as: Miramar Indoor Speed ​​Racing, Pizza and Hot Dog Days, Birch Aquarium, karaoke evenings, restaurant evenings together, paintball, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, dances, skating, golf, roller blading and wine tasting .

You can look forward to a varied program of leisure activities in one of the liveliest cities in the USA where you can see different things and take home memories that will last for a long time.