Learn English in San Francisco, California

San FranciscoSan Francisco has long been a popular destination for learning English in the U.S. The combination of a year-round mild climate, fantastic attractions, shops and restaurants, bars and nightlife and some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States guarantee a constant flow of visitors to this tranquil and exclusive, diverse and especially welcoming city.

San Francisco, with its excellent amenities for sports, entertainment and art is the ideal environment in which to get to know American culture and to study English. On the other side of San Francisco Bay is the world-famous University of California Berkeley, which offers San Francisco a high academic standard and student flair.

Spectacular beaches surround the city and you can sail and surf all year round. San Francisco has more restaurants than any other city in the U.S. and is home to many theatres, music and dance schools and an extensive selection of museums. You also have the option to explore the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the area of the city with Berkeley, Napa Valley and Caramel.

The extremely environmentally aware city puts its emphasis on high quality of life. There are 14 small islands in the bay, including Alcatraz, which are very nicely located between the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge.

San Francisco truly is the alternative choice as a destination for learning English abroad. Stunning, thrilling and liberal - you can find everything and everyone is invited. The only thing you have to do is bring an open mind and a desire for adventure - the rest is waiting for you!

Our School Location

Our language school in San Francisco is very centrally located at the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and in the world! With the famous Union Square not far away, the school offers a perfect starting point to explore the city and the surrounding area of San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Pier 39 with its sea lions, which are themselves a major attraction, are all just the start of what you can discover in San Francisco.

School Facilities

Our language school in the heart of San Francisco benefits from the best location of all San Francisco language schools. This West Coast school is situated in the beautiful and historic Humboldt Building on Market Street. All main routes of the local public transport network have stops within five minutes walking distance from the school.

Furthermore, the famous Union Square, the San Francisco Shopping Centre, the Financial District, the Yerba Buena Gardens and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art are within two minutes of walking distance from the school.

Our language school is among the longest-established (founded in 1982) and best-equipped English language centres in San Francisco. This excellent institution contains 19 refurnished and spacious classrooms with natural lighting, a well-equipped language lab with state-of-the-art language learning aids, interactive whiteboards and an internet café with Skype access. Participants can also make use of a DVD library and an additional computer room with 19 PCs, including additional space for laptops.

The building also includes a large open student café with a luxurious relaxation lounge where warm and cold dishes as well as a selection of delicious cakes and cookies are offered. With its big-screen TV, the lounge is also used regularly as a TV room for English movie nights. It is the ideal place for students to mingle and plan leisure time activities. In addition to all this, the school offers an Executive Centre containing 6 classrooms and a business lounge with a separate and complimentary coffee bar.

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Student lounge
Student lounge

School Accreditation

Maintaining excellence within our organisation is of the utmost importance to us at the language school of San Francisco. Therefore, our language school is recognised by several reputable accreditation institutions and organisations in the United States.

Our language school is a member of the AAIEP (American Association of Intensive English Programs). They recognise us for our professional and ethical standards for our intensive English programs. Our organisation is committed to excellence with the 300 other members who also offer English programs.

Furthermore, the language school is a member of NAFSA Association of International Education. The NAFSA is designed to ensure international educators maintain training, professional training, networking and promote international education.

The language school in San Francisco is also a member of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). This community intends to ensure and maintain professional expertise in teaching and learning the English languages.

Lastly, our language school is recognised by the CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation). Their mission is to advance excellence in teaching and directing the English language through the recognition of English language programs throughout the world.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in San Francisco offers those interested in language travel varied English language courses intended to satisfy diverse needs and expectations. Regardless of whether you’d like to learn only in the morning or afternoon or whether you need English for your job or your private life, our language school in San Francisco can provide you with the appropriate language course.

Improve your general English skills by enrolling in one of our general English language courses in San Francisco. In this day and age, it is important to be able to communicate internationally in English, especially in the business world. Our Business English courses in San Francisco can help you with that. A more exclusive option is the executive course. If you would like to get the most out of your language stay in San Francisco, we recommend private language courses during which the teacher will cater only to your individual needs. The exam preparation courses of our language school will safely prepare you for internationally recognised English exams. Long-term options like the academic year and the internship programmes are offered as well.

Generally, participants age 16 and above can enroll in English language courses in San Francisco. The only exceptions are the executive course with a minimum age of 21 and the internship programme with a minimum age of 18. One lesson lasts for 50 minutes. The course fees include a written and oral placement test on the first day, a course completion certificate and the course material. If you have any questions regarding your travel planning for the USA or need advice on the appropriate language course for your needs, you can always turn to us for help.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie Sprachreise All course prices include: Courses as described, placement test and course certificate, course book, welcome pack, activity programme, free internet access, library.

Course Dates and Info

Starting dates: Start every Monday
National holidays: 01.01.2021 , 18.01.2021 , 15.02.2021 , 31.03.2021 , 31.05.2021 , 05.07.2021 , 06.09.2021 , 11.10.2021 , 11.11.2021 , 25.11.2021 , 26.11.2021 , 24.12.2021 , 31.12.2021

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast;

Course Dates and Info


As competition on the global job market increases, sound English communication skills are becoming ever more important.

The internship programme offered by our language school in San Francisco is aimed at improving participants’ English skills in the world of work. By combining the knowledge gained at a language course and work experience in the U.S., students have the opportunity to get to know the native speakers and apply their English language skills in an international business environment.

Students who enroll in the program will first attend an English language course for a minimum of four weeks, followed by a twelve-week internship. Please note that the total length of the programme is at least sixteen weeks. During the internship, students will work for at least four hours a day in a company, with a weekly minimum of twenty-two hours. In addition, they will participate in weekly feedback meetings at the language school. The school will receive one short performance review each week and one detailed report at the end of the course.

The internship positions are available in various fields of work. Students can choose to work in various industries including marketing, hotel and catering, tourism, graphic design, finance, administration, and fashion. Positions will be distributed according to qualification and previous work experience. The minimum age for participating in the program is 18 years. Sufficient intermediate knowledge of English will also be required. All positions are unpaid internships in San Francisco.


Appropriate accommodation is an important component of every language journey. Our language school in San Francisco, USA offers its students a variety of housing facilities that will satisfy a diverse range of tastes and needs.

A popular and well-received option is a stay with an American host family. This enables participants to experience first-hand the culture and immediately use the newly learned language. Host families offer “standard” and “superior” accommodation packages.

For those who desire more independence and privacy, we recommend opting for one of the residences or a private apartment. Residences are available in “standard” and “student hostel” varieties.

Arrival and departure in San Francisco can be arranged on Saturdays and Sundays. If you have any questions or are not sure what type of accommodation in the U.S. would be right for you, we will be glad to assist you.

Private Apartment

For more privacy and independence during your stay in San Francisco, we recommend our private apartments. The private apartments are located in the city center and are approximately 15 minutes away from our language school. Please note that this accommodation is limited to travelers of at least 18 years of age.

The beautiful self-catering private apartments are located in a newly renovated building which combines the comforts of home with excellent service. These studio styled apartments come equipped with a kitchenette and private bathroom. The interior is characterised by its high standard in addition to its study room, internet access, walk-in closet and cable T.V. Wi-Fi is also available in most public areas. Furthermore, a restaurant is located in the terrace for those wishing not to cook during their language travel. Additionally, bed linen and towels are provided and cleaning is conducted weekly.

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Host Family

To experience the culture of San Francisco and way of life we recommend you stay with one of our selected host families. Staying with one of our host families will give you the opportunity to practice skills acquired through your lessons, during meals and other activities with your host family.

Furthermore, the host family can provide excellent tips about tourist attractions and other sights in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Our host families consist of a Mother, Father and Children, a couple or single host.

Our American host families are carefully selected by our school in San Francisco and are regularly inspected to ensure quality. Our host family accommodations provide two options.

In the “standard” host family a single or double room can be reserved. Meals can be provided upon request for breakfast or half-board. Our “standard” host family accommodation is our least expensive accommodation in San Francisco.

The second option would be our Superior homestay and can be booked as a single room. The rooms have a private bathroom and promise a high level of comfort. Again, travelers can select breakfast or half-board meal options. Please note that this accommodation has a limited number of existing rooms making it very limited.

It is possible to reach our language school by public transport from our host family accommodations. Travel time is estimated between 30 to 45 minutes. Furthermore, bed linen and towels will be provided for participants.

Californians are known for their friendly, hospitable and open manner, which provides an unique opportunity to learn about American life, culture and meet new people.


The standard residence in San Francisco is located only 5 minutes’ walk from the language school and is in the vicinity of Union Square. Also close by are shops, restaurants, theaters and museums for your entertainment during your stay.

The rooms can be booked as single or double rooms. For single travelers, a double room may be booked and a roommate will be chosen to accommodate the second bedroom. All residence rooms have a private bathroom. Furthermore, they are equipped with a desk, T.V., internet access and a refrigerator. Bed linens and towels are provided as well.

The residence also provides community rooms such as a lounge with a computer lab with internet access, a laundry room and kitchen. Breakfast is included and the community kitchen can be used for additional meals. Please note that participants must be 18 years of age to book these accommodations and a security deposit is required upon arrival.

Shared apartments

The Student Hostel residence is located just three blocks from Union Square and provides a very youthful and vibrant atmosphere.

Furthermore, it is only a 10 to 15 minute walk from the language school.

Participants have the option to choose from a single or double room. Single travelers requesting a double room will be provided with a roommate. All rooms have a private bathroom, a microwave and small refrigerator. The rooms are also equipped with a T.V. Breakfast is included and the participant will be responsible for additional meals. Participants can utilise the community kitchen or café for their additional meals. Furthermore, free tea and coffee are provided daily for residence. Additionally, community rooms such as a computer and common room are available. The rooms are also equipped with wireless internet access.

Bed linen and fresh towels are provided weekly by the facility, as well as laundry services.

The Student Hostel residence is ideal for participants who enjoy meeting new people of many nationalities. Furthermore, additional tours and activities are provided by the hostel and will further emphasise a community mentality. Participants must be 18 years of age to book this accommodation and a deposit of 100 USD is required upon arrival.


In San Francisco our language school offers a variety of activities that give participants the opportunity to make the most of their stay in San Francisco and California. Participants will have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of international students and will have a perfect chance to practice their English in a practical environment.

Exciting activities such as theater and musical visits, boat ride on the picturesque bay of San Francisco are provided as daily activities. Furthermore, day trips to Alcatraz, Muir Woods, Sausalito and Napa Valley are held regularly. Other attractions such as Los Angeles, Yosemite, Monterrey and Lake Tahoe are possible weekend get-a-ways. Furthermore, weekend trips to Hawaii are also offered.

Other activities such as movie nights, sports events, international culinary evenings, parties and game nights are also hosted at our language school. And let’s not forget the shopping spree! Unsure of what activities you want to participate in, let our knowledgeable staff advise you on how to optimise your language travel to San Francisco.

An Example of our monthly programme can be found here: