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La Rochelle is a charming coastal city in the southwest of France, with clear ties to fishing and trade, that celebrates the traditional life of a sailor. One of the main attractions in La Rochelle is the Vieux Port (Old Harbour) and the modern Les Minimes marina, two outstanding sites that link to the city’s maritime nostalgia. Another attraction is the La Rochelle Cathedral, a national monument of France.

The French Language is as rich as La Rochelle’s love for maritime ideologies! Taking a French Language course here can not only boost your knowledge of the language but also add to your experience of this medieval, Renaissance and 17th-century flair. La Rochelle is ideal for history and maritime lovers, however, there is so much more because it's a city that is full of charm with an abundance of seafood restaurants and you're only a short step away from the beautiful French countryside.

La Rochelle is certainly somewhere with plenty to offer.

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