Italian School in Sunny Rimini

Rimini is not just a city located in the Italian coast of Mediterranean Sea, it has also a long and ancient history behind. With its strategic position it was founded by the Romans and became an important centre where it is still possible to see the road built by the Romans that connect this city with Rome (the Via Flaminia). For this historical reasons and the beautiful sandy beaches, many students chose Rimini to learn Italian.

Study Italian it won’t be more fun than in Rimini, on the beach is possible practice many sports like volleyball, football, windsurf or yoga. After the Italian lessons,  you and your friends can discover the ancient architecture and the major attraction of Rimini such as the amphitheatre, the Arch of Augustus and the Malatesiano Temple. During your school breaks it will be impossible to don't  try the famous piadina in one of the kiosks. Check the list of our accredited language schools in Rimini and book you Italian course in Italy today.