Carlos V Language School

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Avenida Republica Argentina Nº 27 B 1º B
41011 Sevilla

The Carlos V Language School is located in Seville, one of the most beautiful and "typical" cities of Spain, and consists of a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in language teaching and vocational training.

The school specialises in foreign language teaching: we teach English and German to Spanish students and Spanish to International students - this produces an enriching cultural and linguistic exchange in our school.

There’s no place one can learn a language as fast and as efficiently as in the country whose language one wants to acquire. There, one lives and breathes the language outside the classroom, as well as daily life, offering numerous opportunities to practice the new skills. We take advantage of this situation of immersion in Seville to design customized experiences where our students learn Spanish almost without effort.

We believe that the entire city is our teaching space, and a great part of the learning process takes place exploring the city, its monuments and its people.

Cambridge ESOL authorised center
Instituto Cervantes
ISO 9000:2000

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