General Spanish language courses in Buenos Aires

We offer a standard or Intensive course so that you can improve your general language skills. These courses are aimed at participants who want to focus on the basics of the language in order to function in everyday situations. The courses focus on grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening skills. The lessons encourage the participants to speak as much as possible and the class size is on average 6 participants with a maximum of 10.

The standard Spanish course provides a good mix of lessons and free time. The course consists of 20 lessons of 50 minutes each per week leaving the rest of the day free for you to get to know the country and the people. Emphasis is on grammar, vocabulary expansion, reading, writing, and above all to speaking! Courses start every Monday.

The Intensive Spanish course consists of 30 lessons per week which allows you more opportunity to develop your Spanish skills and is ideal for participants who want to make fast progress on a more intensive program. The Intensive courses start every Monday just like the Standard courses.