Spanish language courses in Costa Rica

To improve your general Spanish language skills, we offer two different courses at our language schools in Costa Rica: the Standard Spanish course and the Intensive Spanish 'Crash' course. These courses will help students to be able to communicate better in Spanish in everyday life. The courses cover four areas: speaking, listening, reading and comprehension.

The Standard Spanish course consists of 25 lessons of 45 minutes each per week and take place from Monday to Friday, usually from 8.00 – 12.00. This course is held in a mini-group with a maximum of 8 students. On average, there are 4-6 students per class.

A more intensive type of language learning takes place in our Intensive Spanish 'Crash' course. This is a combination course consisting of the Standard course with 25 lessons of 45 minutes per week and additional private lessons with 10 weekly lessons of 55 minutes each. This program is particularly suitable for those students who want to practise what they learn in the group course or for those who want to focus on specific topics. The teacher will create an individual program for you based on your particular needs. The group classes are held from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 12.00, and the individual lessons after a lunch break from 1.15pm until 3.15pm.

Of course, it is possible to supplement both the Standard and the Intensive course with additional individual lessons so as to intensify your learning. You can choose between 5 or 10 individual lessons of 55 minutes per week.