Private tuition in Costa Rica

The most intense way to learn Spanish is to attend a private course (i.e. private tuition) at one of our schools in Costa Rica. This course is designed for those students who want to learn the language at their own pace, are interested in specific vocabulary, have particular needs or those who only have a short time available.

Private tuition takes place from Monday to Friday and consist of 20 55-minute lessons per week. Depending on the availability of teachers and classrooms, these lessons can take place in blocks of 4 lessons per day either in the morning from 8.00 – 12.00, or in the afternoon from 1pm – 5pm. If you want, you can take more than 20 private lessons for example: 30 lessons per week. In these private lessons, the teachers will develop a program which focuses on the specific needs of the participant.

On request, the courses can cover specialized topics such as IT or tourism.