Spanish language courses in Mexico

Our language school in Mexico offers the right Spanish course for every participant. Improve your general knowledge of Spanish in one of three general language courses in Mexico and choose how difficult and intensive you would like your training to be. In order to intensify your general language course, you can combine it with additional lessons. We also offer intensive Spanish language instruction on request through private courses. Receive tuition from a private teacher who will cater only to you and your requests, or study with a reduced curriculum. Along with the language courses in Mexico, local workshops are scheduled in the afternoon and offer you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge of Mexican culture.

Spanish classes are designed to offer a naturally vivid experience in order to motivate students to participate and work actively with one another and to keep that motivation constantly at a high level.

On the first day of the Spanish course in Mexico you will sit a placement exam, after which students will be assigned into appropriate course groups according to their language proficiency. The course groups consist of between 4 and 7 students per class and are kept small in order to ensure an optimal learning environment. One language lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Please keep in mind that our language school in Mexico is geared towards the education of adults. Language courses in Mexico are available for students who are 16 years or older.