Business Spanish courses in Salamanca

The business Spanish courses are designed for those who need Spanish language skills for their work and already have a lower intermediate level of Spanish. Participants can attend either 20 lessons of General Spanish in the form of group classes or 25 lessons per week consisting of the general Spanish group classes plus 5 additional 1:1 lessons of business Spanish. The 1:1 lessons are tailor-made individual lessons. Each session lasts 50 minutes and there is a maximum of 9 participants in the group classes.

The additional individual 1:1 lessons allow the teacher to focus on your specific requirements and there is an individualised syllabus. Topics that could be incorporated into these lessons include: the job market, corporate communications, marketing and PR, the stock market as well as special content relating to your profession.

The language school in Salamanca is a recognised centre for preparation for the exams of the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid and Barcelona - Certificado Basico or Certificado Superior. These exams take place four times a year in the language school in Salamanca.