Learn English in Vancouver

When you travel to Canada to learn English in Vancouver you will be travelling to a city full of culture, surrounded by mountains on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver has repeatedly been voted one of the three cities with the highest standard of living. It is located on the west coast of Canada in the southwest of British Columbia, just 45 miles from the U.S. border. The city is an ideal base from which to explore the stunning natural surroundings and to take a trip to other places such as the USA.

The school offers cultural excursions and much for the more active students to do such as: skiing, snowboarding and snow hiking in the mountains around Whistler in the winter; this was in fact the venue for the 2010 Olympics. In the warmer months, the area is perfect for hiking and mountain biking.

The Port of Vancouver is one of the most important international ports and the largest in Canada. The city is an international hub for business, export and import, tourists, and many immigrants who are captivated by the charm of Vancouver.

There are diverse cultures for our students to experience and visits to places of interest and the massive totem poles in the area. In Vancouver you can gain an insight into Canadian life and take advantage of this great environment to encounter new people and cultures as well as learn English.

The whole experience in Vancouver, from arrival to departure, is an adventure with many different opportunities and the chance to make new acquaintances.

Our School Location

Our language school is located in the heart of the city of Vancouver in Canada. In addition to many attractions there are many shops within easy walking distance, and Chinatown and Yaletown are nearby. Connections to public transport are very good, so it is easy to get to Greenville Island or Stanley Park about 3 km away.

School Facilities

The language school was founded in 1987 and is located in a beautiful modern building. The language school is very well equipped and can accommodate 550 students in 43 attractive, bright and spacious rooms with modern facilities. All the rooms are very well lit and the school has 25 computers, all with Internet connection.

The school also has free Wi-Fi connection throughout the building and there is a Learning Centre and library for the students to use for self-study. There are lounges and a kitchen where students can meet and talk together and the teachers and students can get to know each other better. There is also a cafeteria offering a selection of different tasty dishes and snacks. All the staff and teachers at the school enjoy different cultures and meeting new people. We welcome you on your adventure to Canada and will make your stay as enjoyable and productive as possible.

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School Accreditation

The quality and accreditation of our school is very important to us. For this reason we make sure that the language school in Vancouver is accredited by reputable organisations and institutions. Our language school in Vancouver is a member of ALTO. The Association of Language Travel Organisations is an amalgamation of different, leading organisations from the Language Travel industry.

Here for example, certain industry guidelines must be adhered to. Our language school in Vancouver is also accredited by Languages ​​Canada. They lay down strict guidelines and specifications, and there are regular inspections to make sure they are being adhered to.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

So that we can provide something for everybody looking to achieve the most possible on a language course, our language school in Vancouver offers a range of different courses. We are sure we have the right course for you.

We recommend our general English language courses to people who want to improve their general understanding of the language. We offer an Intensive course option for those who want to develop their English even more alongside the normal group courses. We also have an intensive Business English option available to you where you can sharpen and improve the English skills you need in the business world. For students who would like to stay for a longer period of time, we recommend the Academic Year program. People very often choose to book our exam preparation courses to help them prepare for specific language examinations. To expand on what is learned during the other language courses or to address specific learning needs you can book private lessons. The teachers create a tailor-made syllabus for you in this case.

The language teachers place a lot of emphasis on the importance of the active use of the language so that the students stay involved and motivated. The courses are structured around developing four key skills. The most modern material is used to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The Internet, videos, CDs, magazines and newspapers are all used in these courses, and grammar and vocabulary is taught in an exciting way.

The maximum group course class size in Vancouver is 15 or 18 participants. There is a placement test on the first day that is used to assess the language level of the participant and to put them in the right group class. This is important so that the student does not find the course content either too difficult or too easy. The placement test, course materials and a certificate of participation at the end of the course are included in the price of the course.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie Sprachreise All course prices include: Courses as described, placement test and course certificate, course book, a welcome event and welcome pack, activity program and additional workshops, free internet access (including wireless), library

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo.. 2 Wo.. 3 Wo.. 4 Wo.. 5 Wo.. 6 Wo.. 7 Wo.. 8 Wo.. 9 Wo.. 10 Wo.. 11 Wo.. 12 Wo.. 13 Wo.. 14 Wo.. 15 Wo.. 16 Wo.. 17 Wo.. 18 Wo.. 19 Wo.. 20 Wo.. Extrawo.. >>
Standard English Course (20 lessons/week) 263 € 525 € 788 € 1050 € 1313 € 1575 € 1838 € 2100 € 2363 € 2625 € 2888 € 3015 € 3266 € 3518 € 3769 € 4020 € 4271 € 4523 € 4774 € 5025 € 251 €
Semi Intensive English Course (24 lessons/week) 285 € 570 € 855 € 1140 € 1425 € 1710 € 1995 € 2280 € 2565 € 2850 € 3135 € 3285 € 3559 € 3833 € 4106 € 4380 € 4654 € 4928 € 5201 € 5475 € 274 €
Intensive English Course (30 lessons/week) 315 € 630 € 945 € 1260 € 1575 € 1890 € 2205 € 2520 € 2835 € 3150 € 3465 € 3645 € 3949 € 4253 € 4556 € 4860 € 5164 € 5468 € 5771 € 6075 € 304 €
Intensive Business English Course (24 lessons/week) 285 € 570 € 855 € 1140 € 1425 € 1710 € 1995 € 2280 € 2565 € 2850 € -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
IELTS Exam Course (20 lessons/week) -- -- -- 1050 € 1313 € 1575 € 1838 € 2100 € 2363 € 2625 € 2888 € 2925 € 3169 € 3413 € 3656 € 3900 € 4144 € 4388 € 4631 € 4875 € 244 €
Academic Year Programme (24 lessons/week) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Academic Year Programme (30 lessons/week) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Private English Course (20 lessons/week) 1500 € 3000 € 4500 € 6000 € 7500 € 9000 € 10500 € 12000 € 13500 € 15000 € 16500 € 18000 € 19500 € 21000 € 22500 € 24000 € 25500 € 27000 € 28500 € 30000 € 1500 €
Private English Course (30 lessons/week) 2250 € 4500 € 6750 € 9000 € 11250 € 13500 € 15750 € 18000 € 20250 € 22500 € 24750 € 27000 € 29250 € 31500 € 33750 € 36000 € 38250 € 40500 € 42750 € 45000 € 2250 €
Additional Tuition (5 lessons/week) 375 € 750 € 1125 € 1500 € 1875 € 2250 € 2625 € 3000 € 3375 € 3750 € 4125 € 4500 € 4875 € 5250 € 5625 € 6000 € 6375 € 6750 € 7125 € 7500 € 375 €
Additional Tuition (10 lessons/week) 750 € 1500 € 2250 € 3000 € 3750 € 4500 € 5250 € 6000 € 6750 € 7500 € 8250 € 9000 € 9750 € 10500 € 11250 € 12000 € 12750 € 13500 € 14250 € 15000 € 750 €

Course Dates and Info

National holidays: 01.01.2021 , 15.02.2021 , 02.04.2021 , 24.05.2021 , 01.07.2021 , 02.08.2021 , 06.09.2021 , 11.10.2021 , 11.11.2021 , 24.12.2021 , 27.12.2021
Starting dates: Start every Monday
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (FCE):
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (CPE): 04.01.2021 , 06.04.2021 , 20.09.2021
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (CAE): 04.01.2021 , 29.03.2021 , 21.06.2021 , 20.09.2021
SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room

Your advantage with Linguago: No fees! (-263€); Accommodation Placement Fee (165€); Registration fee of the language school (98€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
* Exam fees are not included in the price.

Save! The longer the course the cheaper the price per week!

Course Dates and Info


We can help you with the difficulties of settling down in a foreign country and organise the accommodation of your choice so that you can feel at home.

Staying with a host family is a good way of getting to know the Canadian culture and the people. When you stay with a family you experience everyday life and get to know the country and people in a very special way. We can offer accommodation in a residence if you want to be completely independent and would prefer to be together with other students and language students. There you can cook together with your flat mates, relax and make new friends with young people from all over the world. And a private apartment is the right choice for those students who want more privacy and peace and quiet. The apartments offer a high standard of comfort and are equipped with a kitchen, washing machine, dryer, TV, and telephone.

Whatever your budget, expectations and requirements, we will find the best accommodation for you while you learn English and stay in Vancouver!

Private Apartment

Our language school in Vancouver offers Studio Apartments for students who want more privacy during the time they are on their language course. The apartment hotel is centrally located and close to the world famous Stanley Park and just a few minutes away from the financial, entertainment and shopping districts. Robinson Street is just a block away and public transport is within easy reach.

You can get to the school by bus in about 15 minutes. The apartment complex is very well equipped and offers a high standard of comfort. Every studio apartment is fully equipped with a kitchen, washer and dryer, TV and DVD player, telephone, a private bathroom and either a conservatory or balcony. Towels and sheets are provided by the hotel and changed once a week. Also, the apartment is cleaned weekly. The Internet can be used for a small fee. All the apartments are self-catering, but there is a free continental breakfast available. This type of accommodation is for a maximum of 2 people per apartment. Please note that double rooms can only be booked by people who are travelling together. The private apartments can be booked on a monthly basis. The apartments offered by the school are an ideal place to be to review what you have learned or to recover in the evenings after adventures in Vancouver. We wish you lots of fun!

Host Family

Staying with a Canadian host family is a very popular accommodation option because it gives you the chance to use your English outside the school. You can use and improve your English in day-to-day life. You are welcomed with open arms and can learn about the Canadian culture and customs and meet nice people at the same time. Each host family is different.

The students can be placed with the classic mother, father and child, or staying with a couple or single person is also quite normal. The school staff visit the host families regularly and select them according to strict criteria. There is close cooperation between the school and the families so that any problems can be addressed and resolved quickly. Accommodation with a host possible is possible in either a single or double room, and all the other areas, such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom are shared with the host family. A private bathroom can be booked at an extra cost. Even if you travel alone, you have the possibility of booking a double room and the school will make sure that you have a nice person to share with. As well as learning the language and customs, the students can get to know the Canadian food. Breakfast and dinner are prepared by the host family and eaten together with the visiting students. This is a very good opportunity to talk about what happened during the day and to get new ideas. Vancouver has a good public transport system, so you can reach the school easily. Host families are usually between 30 - 45 minutes from the language school, and a maximum of 60 minutes away. Take the opportunity to stay with a host family and experience the language, the country and its people first hand. Get to know new people on a very personal level and make friends.


A popular choice of accommodation is the school residence. Here you live with other students and visitors to Vancouver. You can use your English after the classes and get to know people with different backgrounds and from different cultures. The residence is located near Rogers Arena and the Queen Elizabeth and Playhouse theatres in Vancouver. It is only a short walk and you can go shopping in Robson Street, the most famous shopping street in Vancouver.

The SkyTrain (comparable to the underground, but above ground) is just one block from the residence. It is easy to see the sights of the city on foot from here, but also very easy to go to places further away by public transport. You can get to the school on foot from here in about 10 minutes.

The rooms are in a 12-storey building and are usually offered as single rooms. Double rooms are available on request. Please note that double rooms can only be booked by two language students travelling together. The rooms are furnished with a bed, a desk and chair, wardrobe and fridge. There is even a small laundry area with a sink in the room. You can decide whether you want to share the bathroom and toilet with one other room or share the bathroom in the corridor with several other rooms. The rooms are fully carpeted and almost every room has a TV. The residence is self-catering accommodation and has three large kitchens on the 4th, 7th, and 10th floors. There are vending machines for drinks and snacks in the lobby, and a lounge where the residents can sit and chat and share their experiences and adventures. Within the building there is also a coin-operated laundry available to residents. Bed linen and towels are provided by the house and are changed weekly, and also the rooms are cleaned once a week. Internet and safes can be used in the residence for a small fee. Telephone calls within Vancouver are free. For the hot days in the city, the residence is equipped with central air conditioning. For a small fee, the more active participants can enjoy the use of the residence fitness centre which is only about 15 minutes away.

Stay at the residence and take advantage of the chance to meet new people, make friends and experience other cultures in a relaxed environment while you use and improve your English together.


Vancouver is an exciting city with many different things to explore.

Whether historical, cultural, for relaxation or sport, there is something for every course participant. Stanley Park is nearby and you can rent bicycles and rollerblades there and use them along the 9km-long seawall path. The breathtaking mountains of the surrounding area offer skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing in the winter. Hiking and mountain biking is very popular in the region around Vancouver. Visitors can explore the trendy bars, restaurants and endless number of shops along the cobblestone streets in the area of Gastown. Granville Island offers seaside restaurants and cafes where you can to sit together. Before a trip to the theatre you can stroll through a variety of galleries and studios. There is an attractive market here where you can get refreshments to keep you going. There is the unique opportunity of whale watching off the coast of Vancouver. A unique experience is to watch the whales off the coast of Vancouver. You can spot grey whales, orcas and humpback whales in a beautiful setting from a whale-watching boat.

You can organise many excursions yourself but the school also offers a wide selection of excursions. These programs change weekly and offer the students a great opportunity to be in a relaxed atmosphere with other students and teachers and get to know the city and the surrounding area. For example, the school offers weekend tours in the Rocky Mountains, or camping and rafting trips. There are also day trips to such places as Seattle, Whistler and Victoria. Alternatively, there are dance classes, dinners out, evening parties, BBQ parties and many sporting activities which provide lots of fun and entertainment for the students. If you are interested, we offer the exciting combination of golf and sailing along with your language course.