Accreditation & Memberships

ST Star AwardEach year, the Study Travel Magazine gives the ST Star Award in various categories to language schools and language travel agencies with the most votes and the highest quality requirements. In 2016, Linguago was nominated for the award in the category "ST Star Agency Western Europe". Thus, we are among the five TOP language travel agencies throughout Western Europe. We are very proud to have been nominated for this prestigious award in the language travel industry.


ALTOThe Association of Language Travel Organisations (ALTO) brings together 170 language schools, agencies specialising in language travel, and national federations around the world in order to pursue a common goal. ALTO promotes standards and government awareness of the advantages of language learning travel around the world. Additionally, ALTO focuses on innovative knowledge of market trends, close cooperation to advance the development of the language travel industry, and setting the basis for language travel participants to have positive experiences. The focus is therefore clearly on quality. The ALTO seal of quality confirms Linguago's commitment to and achievement of the quality criteria specified by ALTO. Our relationship with our customers is a proud testament to that quality.

WYSEAs a member of the nonprofit organisation World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE), Sprachdirekt works to advocate a general awareness of the many advantages for school children to participate in study abroad programmes and international education. About 10 million young people take advantage of our industry's services annually. The dynamic and expert WYSE Travel Confederation is a global network of international education experts in journeys for young people/school children. We are one of approximately 550 WYSE members from 120 countries working together to achieve our common goals.

BildungsurlaubWorkers in many German states have the opportunity to have a language course abroad recognised as educational leave (Bildungsurlaub). This useful legislation allows workers to participate in language trips without using annual holiday allowance and with full pay. Each German state has its own eligibility rules. It is possible to be granted leave for such educational purposes for 5 or 10 working days each year. As a Linguago customer, we will assist with the leave application process at your state's ministry for education and culture at no extra cost to you. That way you can refresh or deepen your language skills and then use these vocationally every day.

BUFOAs a member of German Children and Youth Travel Forum, the largest network of quality-oriented child and youth travel organisations, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of quality. These standards apply not only to the support and accommodation for young people but also to the accessibility of the service team and setting up safe arrivals and departures.

Among the members of the German Children's and Youth Travel Forum are national umbrella organisations, associations, and federations working together to assure the quality of travel designed for children and youth and its constant development.

ReisenetzLinguago is a member of the Travel Network, the German Professional Association for Youth Travel, which has been actively promoting the professionalisation of youth travel for the past twenty years. In Germany, the Travel Network is the most active and largest network for youth travel. Travel Network is our partner in keeping up with current trends and developments in youth travel as well as safety questions and government regulations. Our business and our customers are the beneficiaries of the expert knowledge shared in the Travel Network making our youth offerings even more attractive.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (BCCG) has existed in its present form since 1960, growing out of the British Chamber of Commerce founded in 1919. The stated goal of the chamber is the strengthening of educational and commercial exchange between Great Britain and Germany, as well as the promotion of investment in Great Britain and Germany. More than 1,100 members make the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany the largest in Europe and our British language schools benefit from these relationships.

ICEFICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) GmbH creates international connections between language travel agencies, student exchange agencies, and language travel networks. Linguago is a regular and active participant in ICEF conferences and workshops on developments in the language travel industry. The experiences and knowledge are passed directly to you, our customers.

Beyond the numerous memberships, we also offer our customers the best price guarantee by passing on the direct prices of the language schools. We do not charge any additional booking charges or hidden costs. For this reason, our customers have the benefit of great prices together with the highest quality language travel consulting services. Additional seasonal offers and discount opportunities make language travel with Linguago a very attractive choice.