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The city of Manchester in the North West of England is one of the most famous cities in England and therefore makes for an exciting destination for students. Manchester has a rich industrial history and has since undergone huge renovations putting this city in the top 5 places to visit in the UK. Whilst it remains true to its industrial heritage, the city has come alive with an exciting entertainment scene with nightclubs and Michelin starred restaurants, theatres and galleries and plenty more. It is famous for Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs, and an incredible music scene which is home to bands like Oasis and the Smiths. Manchester is bold and confident and proud of its history. Combine your stay with an English language course in one of our accredited schools, which will ensure that you have the best experience studying in this inspiring city. 
It's worth taking the time to visit Manchester and meeting some of the local Mancunians! 




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