Italian Language Certificates

Why should I study Italian?

Speaking Italian opens your horizons to new adventures in the social and professional factors of life. Learning to speak the romantic Italian Language is a beneficial and exciting opportunity to travel around Europe and experience the Mediterranean lifestyle of Italy, as well as some parts of Switzerland that make use of the beautiful Italian Language.

Why take an examination course?

Taking an Examination Course will give you the confidence and the possibility to target the four skills of the Italian Language: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, all of which are taught in class with the help of an experienced and qualified teacher to guide and correct your errors. Grammar and Vocabulary would also be taught during the course so as to make sure that all the skills can be attempted easily. There are a number of examinations that work towards building your skills in the Italian Language.

Which exams are available?


The CELI Courses are a range of Italian Language Courses that work on building up students’ skills in acquiring the capacity to fluently communicate with other Italian speakers, be they native or L2 learners. The CELI Courses can be used for professional or social reasons are available in a range of levels set for different students.


The CELI a is targeted towards teenagers and serves as a starting point for less experienced students as well as a developing point for young students who are more comfortable with the Italian Language.

The course is aimed at teenagers who range from the ages of thirteen to seventeen years old. The CELI a is studied alongside an experienced and highly qualified teacher whose primary goal is for the students to excel in the Language Course and eventually the exam. The CELI a prepares young Italian Language Learners for professional environments as well as encourages a more fruitful social life.

Examination Course - Level 
CELI 1 a - A2
CELI 2 a - B1
CELI 3 a - B2


CELI i prepares students who aim to move from their original country and take permanent residence in Italy. To fully integrate into society, it is beneficial to learn Italian as a Second Language as taking the course and attempting the exam certifies that the student is of a certain level. The levels start low then increase depending on students ability.

Examination Course - Level 
CELI Impact i - A1
CELI 1 i - A2
CELI 2 i - B1

Once the initial steps of study are taken; teenagers as well as immigrants moving to Italy can better their Italian Language level by attempting the higher levels of the CELI exams. 

Examination Course - Level 
CELI 1 - A2
CELI 2 - B1
CELI 3 - B2
CELI 4 - C1
CELI 5 - C2

Teenagers would benefit from the CELI 4 and the CELI 5 whereas new Italian residents could benefit from CELI 3, CELI 4 and CELI 5. 


The CIC is aimed at the Italian Language Students who want to or need to study the language so as to get a better job or a higher position in their current company. The business context is aimed at Commercial abilities that can make the professional use of Italian easier and more organized. There are two levels to reach; 

Examination Course - Leve
CIC Intermediate - B1
CIC Advanced - C1


Once the necessary examinations in CELI or CIC are taken and a high level of Italian is reached both in academic and general training as well as in a business context, students whose passion for learning Italian was not fulfilled with the abovementioned Italian Courses, can attempt to take on the challenge of teaching Italian to L2 Learners of the Italian Language.

The DILS-PG trains aspiring Italian Language teachers into learning the essential techniques, methods and possibilities in teaching the Italian Language. The DILS-PG is available to both native Italian speakers as well as foreign candidates who are fluent in all aspects and have the necessary documents to prove their abilities in the language. 

What about the results?

When taking a CELI, the levels that can be reached mainly depends on the Examination and the Preparation Course that the students attempt. For example if a teenager attempts a CELI 2 a that would correspond to the CELI 2 i that a foreign residents of Italy might take.

The Ministry of Education, University and Research accepts the CELI 3 as a valid certificate that proves the knowledge of the Italian Language valid for enrolment in the University of Italy. The CELI 4 and CELI 5 certify that the student’s knowledge is at the same level of native Italian students.

When it comes to the CIC, it is important to check what level, be it the B1 or the C1, best suits your employer’s needs as well as the demands and the exposure to the Italian language while at work. 

Which course is best for me?

Even though examination courses are rather frequent, it is very important to check which Preparation Course and Examination is best for you. The level you need and the level you feel most comfortable with at the start or better yet a level that challenges you to work hard and achieve outstanding results.

Look at Past Papers and get to know the rules of the exams before you take yours and ask your teacher for tips and instructions. Remember not to bite off more that you can chew and take the course that you think you can realistically do well in.

With the information above, with your experienced teacher and with your professional school there’s only progress and success in your future. Keep your eyes on the prize!