Courses and Prices Tutorial

Welcome to our courses and prices tutorial. Below you will find some easy-to-follow videos to guide you through the setup process to display your school prices accurately on the Linguago platform. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


A quick introduction to our setup wizard for school pricing.

Language School Courses

A guide on how to set up and select the correct courses for your school.

Language School Seasons

A tutorial on how to set up the correct seasonality for your school. Eg: High Season / Low Season

Date Groups

A guide on how to enter the correct date groups for your school. This will include information on public holidays, school holidays and the starting dates for your courses.


A tutorial on how to insert your accommodation information and prices.

Airport Transfer

A short explanation of how to correctly set up your information for Airport transfer if this is a service you provide.


A guide on how to enter your pricing information for all your courses, accommodation, airport transfer, and additional services.