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When you travel to Canada to learn English in Vancouver you will be travelling to a city full of culture, surrounded by mountains on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver has repeatedly been voted one of the three cities with the highest standard of living. It is located on the west coast of Canada in the southwest of British Columbia, just 45 miles from the U.S. border. The city is an ideal base from which to explore the stunning natural surroundings and to take a trip to other places such as the USA.

The school offers cultural excursions and much for the more active students to do such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow hiking in the mountains around Whistler in the winter; this was in fact the venue for the 2010 Olympics. In the warmer months, the area is perfect for hiking and mountain biking.

The Port of Vancouver is one of the most important international ports and the largest in Canada. The city is an international hub for business, export and import, tourists, and many immigrants who are captivated by the charm of Vancouver.

There are diverse cultures for our students to experience and visits to places of interest and the massive totem poles in the area. In Vancouver you can gain an insight into Canadian life and take advantage of this great environment to encounter new people and cultures as well as learn English.

The whole experience in Vancouver, from arrival to departure, is an adventure with many different opportunities and the chance to make new acquaintances.

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