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Cambridge, home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, is the ideal destination to pursue your English language studies. This is a student friendly city, bursting with life which is sure to fulfil your ambitions to learn English. The city is filled with exquisite architecture, glorious riverside gardens, and traditional English pubs. When you're not studying you can take the opportunity to explore this magnificent city and even try "punting" which is a traditional form of boating, very specific to Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire, which is a very popular attraction and often comes with much amusement as one has to stand up on the boat to row, in many ways, it's very similar to a gondola. 

Choosing one of our language schools in Cambridge not only provides our students with language lessons at superb language schools but also provides a real British experience and a great way to enjoy British culture. Due to years of experience, our partner schools provide an extraordinarily high-quality selection of language courses. The programmes essentially create effective learning by using various different techniques. To create a perfectly rounded trip, our schools also provide various options for accommodation. You have the option to stay with host families, which is a fantastic way to practice English, shared accommodation with fellow students or private accommodation, for those who want complete independence. 
Our schools provide students with a variety of cultural tours and activities, you could go on a day trip to other historically important cities like Oxford or Stratford-up-on Avon, the home of Shakespeare, or even go see a Premier League football match at a nearby stadium. Cambridge itself also has a lot of exciting activities to offer that would make a study trip worthwhile. 

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