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Costa Rica is situated in Central America and hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is a spectacular way to live the language and experience the cultural and traditional ways of the country. A Spanish Language Course in Costa Rica allows for the opportunity to capture the beauty and discover the language.

The beaches in Costa Rica are definitely the highlight of the country, they are surrounded by forests and have great diversity in nature. Coral reefs are found in many of the beaches and diving sessions are typical holiday events. The forests and the beaches both offer a number of activities such as hikes and horseback rides as well as surfing and sport fishing. Apart from the beauties of nature, the entertainment sector is also alive; shopping malls, casinos, and bars, as well as restaurants providing traditional food of Costa Rica, can all be accessed in this cultural and modern country. Use the list below to choose the ideal Spanish Language School in Costa Rica.

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Máximo Nivel - Manuel Antonio Máximo Nivel - Manuel Antonio

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