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Italian Language Schools in Italy for Juniors

Italian is spoken by over 85 million people and is thought of as one of the most popular foreign languages studied in Europe and the world. Learning Italian means that an added emphasis on exposure to culture, art, cuisine, and fashion will form part of the learning experience and lead to a number of excellent holidays!

Learning Italian in an Italian Language Course means that a number of fully qualified and experienced teachers will allow for a communicative and interactive approach to learning within the Italian Language School itself as well as provide classroom material that can be used in the city. Italian cities are abundant with piazzas and duomos that leave you speechless but stepping outside the school will give you the opportunity to put your lessons to use in the real world. The list of accredited Italian Language Schools below will help brighten your future.


Italian Schools


Italian Schools

Europass Italian Language School Europass Italian Language School

Accademia Italiana Salerno - Juniors Accademia Italiana Salerno - Juniors