How LINGUAGO works

Using the LINGUAGO website to book your language course cannot be easier! With simple steps to your dream language journey, a new adventure is just around the corner. Here’s a step-by-step guide to booking a language course:

1. The First thing you need to do is decide on the language you would like to study, confirm the country in which you are going to take on the challenge and the city where your language dreams will come true.

2. Second, browse the schools, read the review or the profile, and choose your favourite one. In each school page, you will find a booking system where you can choose the type of course and the start date of your language journey. Here you can amend the duration of weeks by entering the required time into the Duration (weeks) section. You can also book for more than one person. Once you have completed all the details, your quote will appear at the bottom of your order with the total price that you will be expected to pay for the course.

3. Thirdly, it is very important to note that only after booking the lessons, and add it to the summary cart, can you book your accommodation.  You can choose between Host Families, Shared Apartments, Residence, and Private flats, it is important to clearly fill in all your details accurately – remember to note the date of arrival and the departure date (Saturday or Sunday, depending on the accommodation) as well as the number of travellers who will be booking accommodation. A live price for the accommodation will appear and it can be added in the summary cart. 

4. Four, once you add the course and accommodation to your shopping cart you will see the final price and proceed to the booking request by clicking on Book now. 

5. Fifth, Check that your booking is accurate and fill out the form with your personal data.  You can also add an airport transfer here, either one-way or two-way. Once you confirm, after reading the term and condition, an actual booking will be sent to Linguago.

6. Sixth on your list, you will receive the booking confirmation of your language course in 2-3 days so, please wait, before booking your flight. In the meantime, we will send you an email with the login details for your Linguago profile. By logging in you can access a PDF version of your booking details.

7. The Seventh thing that you need to do once LINGUAGO informs you that there is availability in the school of your choice is to settle the payment so as to confirm your place on the language course. Payments are to be made via bank transfer, PayPal or can be paid by credit card. If paying by bank transfer, the full amount needs to be settled in one payment in 3 working days. For last minutes booking: if your arrival is within the next 4 weeks, it is important to settle the full payment as soon as you receive the bank details and send us the confirmation of payment within 24 hours via fax or email (+49 895 99455711 or

8. Number Eight. Your booking is confirmed only when the full amount is settled, you will receive a receipt of payment, that can be taken to your language school as proof. All accommodation details will be sent to the students two weeks before your arrival.

9. The final thing to do is to prepare yourself for your language course and count the days until you start your language journey. : )