Spanish Language Certificates

Why should I study Spanish?

Spanish is a useful language for communication, it is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and it can be useful for business and education as well as social adventures. Studying Spanish is a great way to broaden your horizons and achieve more in life, with a great selection of qualifications that you can acquire through the Ministry of Education in Spain. The Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) as well as the CEC and the DEC are available to students ready to improve their opportunities in life.

Why take an examination course?

Examination Courses are designed to fully prepare students for their great adventure in the discovery of a new language together with the improvement of their current skills. Focusing on the four skills of the language namely, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, teachers will engage their students in the best ways to improve their use of the Spanish Language. Grammar and Vocabulary are two very important factors in the acquisition of a language so these two points will also be taken very seriously in the course to ensure better results.  

Which exams are available?


Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are a selection of examinations that can prove your skills and abilities in the Spanish Language. They range from A1 to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and are provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain.

The DELE examinations are organized by the Instituto Cervantes while the design and correction of the exams in carried out by the Universidad de Salamanca. The exams are divided into six levels as seen below;

Examination Course - Level 
Breakthrough - A1
Waystage - A2
Threshold - B1
Vantage - B2
Effective Operational Proficiency - C1
Mastery - C2

The Breakthrough Exam is a Spanish Diploma aimed at A1 students and certifies that a student is capable of communicating in a basic way for everyday situations.

The Waystage is for A2 Level students. This Diploma shows that candidates can understand phrases that are used on a daily basis as well as expressions that are relevant to the student’s personal life.

Threshold is a B1 Level Diploma that should be attempted by Spanish Language Students who are able to understand the overall idea of clear texts and who are confident in conversing in the Spanish Language. Fluency should range in topics of personal interest and opinions, past events as well as plans for the future.

B2 Level Diplomas are available in the form of the Vantage exam, this is a serious exam set for students who can communicate with native speakers with ease. Some of the skills include ‘on-the-spot’ generation of language with clear and detailed explanations. Understanding texts of technical and specific topics as well as discussions on the topic are a must at this level.

Communication and understanding are key points to ensure that a student belongs to the C1 Level. Being able to source, develop and adapt to any given area of the Spanish Language shows that the student is comfortable and confident with native speakers. Lengthy texts, idiomatic expressions and fast speech are not a challenge for Spanish Language students attempting the Effective Operational Proficiency Diploma.

At C2 Level, the Mastery Diploma provides Spanish Language students with the certificate that entirely communicates ability, spontaneity and confidence. At this level there are no boundaries, limits and uncomfortable situations when communicating with native speakers of the Spanish Language.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid is a Spanish University that caters for Spanish Language tests in the business environment. The proficiency of the Spanish Language student is assessed by two exams, the CEC (Certicicado de Español Commercial) and the DEC (Diploma de Español Comercial). A Preparatory Course in Business Spanish can be a highly beneficial step for a positive outcome in either of the exams explained below.


The CEC is aimed at B1 Level students who use the Spanish Language for communication in the work place. Therefore a good understanding of business vocabulary, situations in the work place such as meetings and presentations, business texts and documents such as financial news or reports. 


The Diploma would be beneficial for Spanish language students whose command of the language is strong, especially in the professional field. It is aimed at C1 Level students and caters for presentations, long and technical texts, fluency and confidence.

What about the results?

When it comes to the results of the DELE, CEC and DEC, there is a great guideline that the exams can follow – the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) and this can allow for a structured and realistic aim for the student.

When studying in a General Spanish Course, the best option for you is the DELE, where a range of exams can be chosen from so as to best fit your level. The results achieved correspond with the level, so when taking the Threshold Exam a B1 Level should be expected as the course is aimed at B1 Level students.

If the purpose of your language study is aimed at the Professional field then the CEC is aimed at B1 students while for the more fluent; the DEC is targeted towards C1 speakers. The only thing that you need to decide is which Preparation Course and Exam is best for you.

Which course is best for me?

Choosing the right course is most probably the most important decision as the time, money and dedication that you invest can be life changing. With qualified and experienced teachers to guide you to make realistic and manageable choices your future can be bright and fruitful.

Choose the right level for your abilities and don’t be over ambitious, learning a language is a process that needs time. Starting from the bottom and working your way up is a rewarding way to track your development and success. Familiarise yourself with the exam and the course and get to know what the examiners expect.

All that’s left to do now is choose your course and begin your adventure, work hard and concentrate on your goals. You can do it!