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English Language Schools in Gozo

Gozo is the sister island of Malta, the more rural and relaxed island of the two. Although the lifestyle is far more tranquil, there is still plenty to do in Gozo. You can explore ancient sites, go hiking or mountain bike riding, scuba diving or snorkelling in some astonishing dive spots or take a trip to one of the seaside villages for some delicious seafood in one of the local restaurants. 

At Linguago we have fully accredited Language Schools situated in the heart of the island and in neighbouring villages. Surrounded by the sea, Gozo is a wonderful learning and resting point as Malta and Comino are a short boat ride away widening the horizons and further enhancing the Mediterranean experience.

The landscape in Gozo is just as beautiful as the seascape and can provide long and enticing hours of exercise and peace or you can take the time to get to know the locals and the culture of Gozo. If Gozo sounds like the right place for you, choose an English language course from our carefully selected schools below. 

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