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French Language Schools in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is famous around the world for its wine and is a true gem in the southwest of France. As well as the excellent wineries, the region has a great deal to offer. Bordeaux is a university city that welcomes more than 90,000 students each year. This gives the city youthful energy that enriches the student life. Bordeaux is an ideal destination for those who want to experience not only the French language but also the culture in a scenic location.

When you choose a language course in Bordeaux you will be able to appreciate the incredible charm and the magnificent architecture of the city. It has a unique flair, and you can stroll along the Garonne and through the beautiful streets and alleyways. There are plenty of sights and museums to visit and numerous restaurants and cafes where you can sit and relax. The attractive historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and aside from Paris, Bordeaux is the only other French city that is home to so many 18th Century buildings from the period of Enlightenment. 

The surroundings of Bordeaux offer delightful contrasts and great opportunities for outdoor activities so when you're not studying you can enjoy the sites. Nearby, on the Atlantic coast, are extensive sandy beaches and the foothills of the Pyrenees. A French course in Bordeaux offers a variety of things for you to do ranging from wine tasting, surfing, hiking, and visits to cultural events and tours.

Study French in Bordeaux and experience for yourself the beauty of the French language and the uniqueness of the region!

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